Monday, October 13, 2008

freak. *am i?*

cik mireya marah.geram.terkejut.sedih.dalam keadaan jiwa yang sebegini.cik mireya akan mengeluarkan perkataan-perkatan yang kurang enak untuk didengar.oleh itu.cik mireya lebih gemar berbahasa inggeris ketika bahasa kasar itu tidak akan terlalu menusuk kalbu mereka yang mendengar.

i watched nip/tuck season five.for two days i sit in front of my laptop watching that sinful series.don't think bad bout me.i'm only a normal girl who wasn't afraid to show her real self.he.*yeah right*

i love nip/tuck as much as i love to watch las vegas,csi:crime scene investigation,csi:new york *csi:miami poyo sangat.ihateit*,friends,malcolm in the middle,pushing daisies,desperate housewives,and ghost whisperer. actually there are a lot more series that i like but i can't remember all.

in this nip/tuck season five.there are a twist in the story where dr mcnamara become more famous than dr was unbeliveable yet it is true.the stories went normal until this one episode where there was an agent showed up.her name is colleen something2 *can't remember lorh.aiyoh.i'm losing memories.huh* colleen loves.adores.admires.want mcnamara so badly.she gets jealous when mcnamara be together with another old is colleen? as old as a nanny.

colleen has this one cool hobby.making teddies.actually.she sold teddies to support her life.she cheated all the way through the stroy.she acts succesfully as a talent agent of mcnamara.until one day.the secret unfold.mcnamara gets angry as he felt betrayed by colleen.

colleen killed bob agent from CAA (Creative Artist Agency).she killed him by stuffing him with teddy's stuff.then she put the teddy's eyes on bob's's really an awful way to die.seriusly.

colleen is a freak. me a freak.


cik craziness fren.told me that her fren *can't tell ya who* told her that my of our coursemate said that we are freak.because we don't get along with people in our class.!

yes.we don't mix well with people around us.because they are boys.we know our boundaries.we talk to them.only for important reasons.not just for joking around.we don't joke much with boys.

yes.we are pretty much reserved.hardly approachable.especially me.with this oh-so-snob-kau-engat-kau-best-face.they afraid to befriends with us since we are not that friendly.and cik tiqa.with her gold precious phone number that hardly get passed among boys.

yes.we are always be and there.everywhere.anywhere.

but we are not freak.


we asked the person."are u seriously saying that we are freak?" he denied.of expectable.i just laughed.since i am best at laughing to people.he got freaked out.see.who's freaking now?!


i dont fcuk people.
i'm not that mad.
i am a good girl.
good cik mireya.
i still can smile.

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