Monday, October 20, 2008

this *** is killing me!

i am in a total discomfort. i wanna scream. i want to curse my toy plz! urgh! i hate this feeling!

when i hear his voice.i feel annoyed.i think it's very annoying.and i hate it.i can't see his face coz it would remind me how annoying he is.

i hate him.
he done nothing to me actually.juz a thought bout he himself already make me sick.oh. u ******, i'm so sorry i hate u.i'm so sorry i have this 'hate' feeling towards u.u done nothing to me. u are so nice *yucks!!!!!!!!*

but,still. i hate u.

when i looked to mirror.i saw this big fat girl.omg! this piece of clothes stick to my body like's so tight! macam sarung nangka! my shirt shrunk.or is it me getting bigger and fatter *is that the correct word?* urgh.bullshit.

i hate mirror.
i hate my shirts.
i hate my jeans.

most important : i hate the way i look now.

i am fat.

i have this idea.
i wanna go aneroxic!
yes.i'm gonna lost weight easily.

yeah ryte.
i'm eating kerepek now.
how on earth i cud have the idea of being anorexic?
i can't even stand looking those delicious drumstick and seducing telur goreng!


why am i acting like this? i guess i know why.simply because i am a girl.well.a girl often have this feeling once a month.

but this is the worst *** i ever had.
i hate this feeling!
i hate it!

omg.what should i do?
i'm suffering.
oh.i'm going crazy. me.



Merissa K. said...

honey, itll get better.
just wait.


mireya said...

i hope it would.

thnk u 4 visiting my blog. :)