Friday, November 28, 2008

i am G-rated?

*G is for 'jiwang' ,isn't it?*

well, i was bored of listening to my songs in my beloved pinkish handset. i deleted some of my-used-to-be favourite songs and go bluetooth some new released *la sangat* songs from my friends.!!!!

sorry for the overreacting reaction. well, drama queen lah katakan. ;p

i never realize that i am such a jiwang karat before!

i listened to crush, and i reminiscing my pasts, about my a-week-crush, who i never talked to even i have lost my feelings towards him now.

i listened to people under the drones by seven collar t-shirts, and i felt like i am full with emotion even the song only one minute and twenty seconds long! oh, how hebat penyanyi tu menyanyi dengan penuh perasaan!

then i listened to two minutes and two seconds song from m.jayzuan entitled selamat tinggal. again, i am full with emotion. this song reminds me to my late coursemate. *refer to my previous posts* i am sad!

then, just now i listened to tear drops on my guitar by taylor swift, okay, i know this song was ages ago, but still, oh, i feel like crying! *haha.i am sooo very over!*

hoho. where my soul pergi nih? jadi jiwang lah pulak kan? feeling merata-rata.

well, maybe my heart and soul need some pembaharuan. dah bosan agaknya.

kesian jiwa saya, saya pun tak faham dia. sekali sekala layan jiwang pun mahsyukk.

kenali diri anda.
jangan jadi macam saya.
iklan kemasyarakatan ini dibawakan oleh :
cik mireya da bomb


Ko_Kenal said...

Eiyyy Miraya...

We are normal human being. Being jiwang is one of human's trait. Should not worry %& stressful instead, use your jiwang time to think of something positive.

You will be anmazed by the power of being jiwang.

Good luck.


mireya said...

oh oh oh.
i am full with positive aura.

juz being jiwang is not listed as one of feveret.

tapi, i dah consider dah. jadi jiwang pon best.

boleh layan rawk kapak! yaw!