Thursday, January 15, 2009

love is another lousy four letter words.

i never believe that love could have such a great effect on one's life.

like crying all night long after being dumped, or crying just because listening to your love song while the love of your life is somewhere beyond the globe having fun with his friends.

and there were you. crying and missing them.

i believe love is all about being curios.

like, you really wanna know how was it to be a mom, so you get preggy or simply adopted a child and send them back to where they from.

okey, lousy comparison.
but you do get the point. dont you?

when seeing a couple who could live long enough being together till the last day of their life and still being nice towards each other, i believe it's all because they care. and on top of all just because they are human and they are not cruel.

and when you miss them, it's all because being with them for all this time have some effects on you. because you're always together. all the time.

it's totally suck lah kan if you can't feel lost for something or someone that you've been together for a long time kan?

but when i watched somethings gotta give for the second time, i believe i don't wanna end up like harry.

because harry is the male version of me. and some part of erica does reflected me.

i do enjoy my believe. that at this young age, we should be happy, flirtatious, and be playful with everybody who you feel like to. because at the end, we only will get married with one person and striving to live with them for the rest of our life.

so, just have fun with the person you're currently emotionally bonded with.
or flirting with.

the keyword is : just have fun.

but, seriously i don't wanna be female version of harry. no. no.

maybe i'm just being too safe. and i'm being too protective of myself from being played by another female hunter out there.

ouhh. i dont want to be like erica who is crying when she was writing, when she woke up from sleep, whe she did everything. just everything! because she is heartbroken.

is there really any girls out there like her?

that's why i dont believe in the power of love. love makes people suffer. so much that it hurts. based on my observation.

but now. i think i should started to believe that the effects of love do exist. i mean love between two different people who is not related by anything.

so now,
i should open my heart to let it be heartbroken.
i should care for another human being who is totally not related to me but claimed that we're emotionally bonded.
i should be jealous or pretend to be jealous.
i should let myself out.
i should accept that person more. as he himself. cause i always love to change people.
i should show more emotion. more tears, less stubborn.
i should be more loveable.
i should be less distant and cold.

i should open myself to that particular person.


not now.

i'm not ready.

and i still just wanna have fun.



Ko_Kenal said...

You can always have fun but not this way honey. I know you don't care what I think,once again I tell you, this is not right! Misleading!

"I do enjoy my believe. that at this young age, we should play (BE NICE) with everybody we met. because at the end, we only will get married with one person and striving to live with them (HIM/HER) for the rest of our life."

mireya said...

mcm mne nk terangkn eh?

"play" and "be nice" is different thing. play here i mean flirt and having fun with your opposite sex.

ohhh.i shud better change it if it really buat org kompius.


and them is...ahhh..u totally get the point.

tak reti lah maen explen2 ni.

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

careful. you might get hurt.

worst, u know what happens when karma starts to hit you back.

and you're a lady. way too dangerous. you have more things to lose.

careful, sis.

dyod lalala said...

who's harry and erica?

wawa said...

alahai...nanti akan tiba masa kamu akan mahu berhenti main dan serius dgn hidup kamu...

tunggulah masa itu...

times always tell the right things to do...kan??

mireya said...

mighty jacksparrow :
i'd always be careful.
i won't hurt anyone.
and i'll make sure that i won't get hurt too.

dyod lalala :
erica and harry tu watak dalam cerita somethig's gotta give.

wawa :
betul. tunggulah.
tak berapa lama lagi je nak retire dari berseronok.

Jeyy said...

xtau la kumin ni related ngn post ni or x.heeh~
bl dh makin besar,bru ley fhm bl bercinta byk pengorbanan.
so-->crying or being hurt tu mesti ada.tertakluk kt dri sendiri nk go on or just tinggal.perubahan tu sakett!
so-->bru clear u or him memain or x.

mireya said...

love hurts.
and it's scary.