Wednesday, September 2, 2009

forget me if you could,

so you've asked,
what kind of girl are you?

i answered,

i am the kind of girl you would love,
for the laugh i have,
for my smiles that shines,
for my eyes that brights,

and i am the kind of the girl you would adore,
for my attitude that appeals,
for my words of wisdom,
for my thinking that differs,

i am the kind of girl you would like,
for the fun i bring,
for the comfort i give,
for the warmth i offer,

i am the kind of girl you would hate,
for my words that stabs deep,
for my whisper that sparks anger,
for my actions that keep you wondering,

but i'm totally the girl you wouldn't forget,
for the fact that i am me,
for trying hard you still couldn't,
that makes you pray what you shouldn't,
and your heart keep telling 'don't!'
and for sure,
you won't,

dare to forget me.



joegrimjow said...

menjual diri ke ni?

mireya said...

oh encik joe, i'm just being a lil artsy here. HEHE.

it's neither me, nor anybody. ;P