Sunday, October 25, 2009

(with all due respect ...ehem..ehem)

untuk Mr Boyfriend, (Rosma's ok)

1. no worry, you've got my approval long long time ago (oke, ni tipu, not that long laa but THE POINT is you have my approval as if my approval is that important kan but still you have my approval la)

2. take a very good care of her oke. she's my bestest bestfriend. siap kau kalau apa-apa jadi! (haha ugut jeh bukan boleh buat apa pun but still!!)

3. have your time with her, no worry i wont steal her from you go eat dinner supper lunch breakfast tea break buka puasa sahur moreh ke apa apa sama sama tak kesah tak kesah SERIOUS.

4. take a very good care of her. pandai pandai la korang kan berharmoni sesama sendiri.

5. Good luck!

6. and and and no worry dah tak ada interfering anymore, tak ada advise advise bodoh or anything and maybe you will have my backs for certain cases, that i assure you. HAHA! sorry babe berpaling tadah.

7. semoga bahagia.

8. take a very good care of her.

The girlfriend, Cik Rosma

1. i love you lah, you're my bestest bestfriend kut even emotional bonding kita macam dah terlajak lajak jadi macam couple HAHA we are so silly but anyway we are RARE SPECIES oke. i love you very much because again you are my bestest bestfriend and no one can replace you! yeah i know people are basically special and unique with their own way and so are you! and you're the only friend that i could tell every single tiny little things even the most silly ones yang macam bodoh bodoh pun i boleh cerita.

2. and sorry for emotional mistake yang stupid stupid such as you know such as what kannnn? LOL

3. thank you for always being there anytime i wanted you to be there.

4. and and and happy everafter dahlingg!

be strong always alwayssss! ;)

p/s : ni bukan bodek ke apa ke but serious la memang from the bottom of my heart haha cewah cewah rasa macam poyo jeh but serious serious memang good luck and promise you tak ada rolling eyes or muka bodoh bodoh dah lepas ni and NOO I'M NOT FAKING ANYTHINGGG! good luck, let's hope it would last oke (wah wah macam tak percaya jeh cakap benda alah ni haha), and happy always oke you two!!

komen disable dulu laahh. sebab macam takut je and macam akan kena marah je and macam tak sedia je later laa kalau ada orang suruh able kan baru able balik (as if macam ada orang nak suruh able kan oh wtf suka hati laa *defensive*)


rosma said...

wah macam you sangat maha ja nak bagi approval kan?? hahahaha..
anyway u know kan i always get your approvals except for certain things yang i ikut hati ja sebab malas nak tengok your rolling eyes and muka disgusted cam nak termuntah macam time i excited beli bantai tuuuu!
anyway, can't wait for you guys to work together for my surprise bday partayy next year!

p/s: I've been confused with our friendship which is turning into a relationship now. LOL.

mireya said...

cehhh perasan lah nak buat surprise birthday party untuk you kan? haha mimpi jee bluwek bluwek :p

haha i think it's time la kan. wehh jgn la confuse confuse lak pehal kan? bestfriend bestfriend!!

emotional bonding kuat sangat tu, tu yang jadi macam tu tuu dah dah you punya relationship ada satu je tu tuu si P tuu je. haha!

rosma said...

P yang mana satu, babe?
ada banyak P lor..hahahaha

mireya said...

gedik ehh ehh kunk tak pasal je kunk. haha the CURRENT P tu laaa yang dok lekio tuuu :P