Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Guess No One Could Ever Stand My Game, No?

I'm just planning to open up,
I'm just planning to make it exclusive,
I'm just planning to be serious,
I'm just planning that there would be no playing around anymore,
no flirting,
It's all to get to know each other better,
you and me,
Talking about family, life, and studies.

But i was a little bit too late,
You get bored,
Tired of waiting.
So you'd left.
And yes, not only you,
Everybody left too.

And i'm here, all alone.

But still, my game, it would still be the same. It won't change. It's fixed, you, find a way to fit it, and my wall, it would collapse, in any time.


lollylolita801 said...
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rosma said...



mireya said...

hahha u ke y remove komen atas tu? ni nak marah ni! HAHA

aceceh jadahnye? xde ape laa

rosma said...

alaaa..i remove sebab terguna blog yang lagi satu..haha

mireya said...

oo patot laaa.

okay rosma now everybody knows that u have a secret blog! HA! :P