Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roda dan Roller Coaster.

Kalau masuk apa-apa peraduan yang memerlukan bantuan hint, saya akan kalah. Sebab saya memang tak reti langsung nak baca hint. Saya orangnya jenis straight to the point. Don't blame me if I can't read you when we both play charrades.

And this thing keep on going. Mr Cepat did it to me, I did it to you, he does it to me, you do it to her and the list goes on.

Durh, I hate karma sebab it's repetitive. Mampos lah kalau asyik ulang-ulang. Tak larat lah.


I used to be the person who grabs everything that was served in front of my eyes. But I have learned the hard way that it brings no good. I couldn't afford to risk another heart being broken while I'm not ready to open up and enjoying the lives of two. Good luck with your future girlfriend. I know she would come along soon. Maybe I'm not the right person or perhaps this wasn't the right moment. One could never tell. Better luck in the future, I hope. Someone out there deserves your kind heart and she would absolutely be happy with all the loves and affections you have to offer. Too bad I'm not the lucky one.

By the way, remember what I have told you about what these two months holidays could do? It could changes your feelings and that absolutely what had happened.