Monday, April 26, 2010

Borang untuk Musim Bunga.

Okay, I have deactivate my facebook, and I am so PROUD OF MYSELF for bertahan selama ni. Memang terasa oke betapa boringnya and betapa dah lamanya tidak meng-like status and commenting my friends' status let alone just viewing their and, ahemm *cough* beautiful strangers' pictures.

So, I feel a lil bit empty ya know. (Drama gila wtf)

And and just now I have thinking to make a formspring account just to know what people curious about me (if there's any people yang curious laaa kan ?)


I am afraid of kena cyberbullying telling me I should go die or fuck myself ke bunuh diri ke tikam diri sendiri ke or rot in hell ke,


No, laaa it's not like I'm saying semua orang love me just the way I am, I know mesti ada orang tak suka punya. Like hello, I am mulut jahat person oke (and sedang dalam process berubah, ahem) and not friendly in nature, and macam macam lah , so mesti ada yang tak puas hati punya, I know.

I afraid what if I am not ready to receive all the hurtful words and comments and questions yang controversy and what if tiba tiba diorang tanya about my pasts ?


Or or or, what if they ask something that only I know ? Something like what I did bla bla bla, and if I dont publish the questions yang diorang tanya, I still know that someone knew it, kan ? Faham tak ? Faham tak ?

I am easily distracted and easily stress and paranoid some more, what if I couldnt handle the stress ?

And I jadi budak yang murung je lepas ni ?
A psycho ?
A quiet person ?
Or I fake death and lepas tu buat identity baru ?
Or I'll make plastic surgery and pindah somewhere to start a new life ?

Woahhhhhh ! I really think this formspring thingy could affect me this much.

Hurm, I have to rethink this carefully and take many many other things into consideration. I dont want to be stress because of cyberbullying.


Okay, my hand started to hurt. I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Oke bye.



deena said...

drama queen :P

mireya said...

ahah ! biasaaa ! :P

mencari jawab said...

tell me.. tell me..
ane mo ngikut ni..rasanya gmn??
feels like being cut-off de world?? or else??

mireya said...

mencari jawab :
rasa apa ? rasa diserang ? kalau rasa diserang, mesti lah rasa sakit dan terus paranoia. haha