Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changing Decades.

Pertama kali saya nak ucapkan, terima kasih Tuhan, kerana masih hidup sehingga dua puluh tahun lamanya. Terima kasih kepada ibu dan bapa yang sudi membesarkan anak seperti saya. Terima kasih kepada kawan kawan yang wish birthday ! I love you lots bebeh. By the way, my birthday goes like this ;

1. No celebration and surprises since I'm bad with surprises.

Seriously, celebration and I memang tak ada chemistry. I do not know how to handle surprises. So, it would turn out as EPIC WTF MOMENTS, just like my 19th birthday celebration. Thanks to the girlfriends. Saya terharu tapi tak reti nak tunjuk maka jadi awkward. To people, don't surprise me, you guys yang would be surprised nanti. Ngahaha.

2. No presents (ke not yet ?)

Haha this is also okay with me. Even though I always merengek with wanting this and that, but the truth is, for presents, I don't really care much if I got one or not. It's the thought that important. I like giving presents to people, but receiving presents is not my thing. Receiving presents is kind of an act of surprises jugak kan, since we never know what we would get, right ? So this refers to above statement. Plus, I prefer to choose my own present. Boleh je nak bagi hadiah, but bawak I sekali untuk pilih. But last year, my girls got it right. The shoes were awesome !

3. I didn't use the free call services.

Okay, I did. I only called Sheda. Because she called me first, and I miss talking to her :( You know, I don't really know how to talk on the phone with people. So, I rarely call people. I prefer texting. So, sorry girls, I didn't call you like I always did last year, and last last year. You know I love you still. And Sheda, macam biasa, it's always be the most sinful phone call ever. NGAHAHA !

4. Okay, sekarang saya nak buat wish list ;

  • I hope my life would always filled with rainbows. No rains, no storms. NO NO NO.
  • I wish I get everything that I want and need.
  • I wish I'd be a better person. No hard feelings with people. None given and none taken.
  • I want my life to be filled with love.
  • I want to be a grateful slave to my God.
  • I wish I could always be there when needed to the people that I love and care about.
  • I hope the people around me would always be happy and blessed.
  • I dont want to be paranoid anymore.
  • I want to study harder and graduate on time,
  • Then I want to work on Hari Raya. HAHAHA

Okay that's all. And yeah, going out to Dominos and McDonald with the girlfriends, that was FANTABULOUS !


Akhir kata dari saya, changing decades rocks !


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