Monday, February 4, 2008


today i woke up early cz i wanted to watch my favourite cartoons on tv.. OGGY AND THE COAKCROACHES!!! uhuhuhu...mmg my brother is going back to his hostel kt SMTKS..and he wuz becoming very silly n gedik becoz he kept saying dat he wanted to go back to his former skul at damansara..his luvly SMKDU..urghh..wuteva lar mom keep saying..
"adik..plz..u chosed to be there..jgn nk ngade2 uat giler talak nk balek damansara utama ko tuh.." hahhaha..lbey kurg cggtu larh..not exactly like this..
my dad?..dier uat dunno jek..he said..
"xpyh layn..he jz beng silly.." dad is totally kewl!!!
urm..but today is suck!! i am a total crap in doing housechores..urghh!!!! i dun like anything like wuz very ibu wanted to vacuum the kitchen after we ate our lunch at 11 am.. (it's true man!) and guess wert? wire vacuum tuh terlaggr satu teko yg penoh dgn air teh susu yg owh-so-yummy...n it spills on the really broke my heart to c dat yummy tea jatoh ats lntai cmtu..huhuhu..nseb bek i smpt tuang air tu dlm glas n simpan dlm freezer b4 sume prstwa ngeri tu trjd...hehehe..
air tuh trjtoh ats bnde kaler ijau yg mcm getah yg org letak kt tmpt licin spy xjd licin tuh.. (i dunno what it is n i hope u can imagine that) n guess what? i kne angkt bnde tu ltk dlm bilik air..ol the kotoran tlh mlkat kt tgn n bju!!!
i can't tell how bad it wuz...kne mop..kne vacuum..uhuh..but anyway..bgus jek bnde tu jdik cz klu x..we eon't have any time to clean the kitchen cz everybdy in da house is going to be very busy in the next few weeks...
tp td wktu i've been vey busy vacuuming tmpt tgk tv..tetibe jek habok2 kt kipas tuh trjtuh as if someone is cleaning the fan..but no one is's ben very creepy dowh...sram ah nseb bek pg2..myb cz angin dr luar kot cz kitorg bkak pintu dapor td..urm..tatau ah..n my luvly dearest cat tetibe jek jd pelik..i dunno why..dier mmg lar slaloo marh2 tp xlar smpi mcm ol happen after dier kuar dr rumah wktu ayh tgh bersihkan bende kaler ijau yg tkne air teh tu..pstu bile dier masok rumah..dier asyk nk mrh jek..xbley nk pgg lgsg..klu x..msti kne ckr..silap2 kne gegetjek ti..ishh..tebiat gamaknye kucenk tuh..
urm..well..wuteva then..urm..i wuz thinking bout doing a new hair..i may wanted to go for rebonding or doing sumtink very different..myb curl?? i dunno..hven't decide mom da bg permission n she's going to pay for my hair!!! ooo...sggh sronok!!!! hahahaha....but myb i'll go to the salon after chinese new year cz next week it's gonna be fullhouse at the salon cz every chinese wanted to do their hair for the celebration..ngee~
td i bkak my's very shocking..i've 10 friend request!! hehehe..i neva get that soo many fren request..hahahahhaa...lawk2..

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