Friday, April 11, 2008

6m 2002

this 19th apr, me n moq are planning to make a gathering to reunite our primary school's friends at sek. keb. tanjong karang. those who are involved mainly from 6 merah 2002, my beloved class. we want to ask the teacher to join us, our beloved cekgu zakiah. but, i have found her number yet. can't remember where i put it.

we've set the date, n the venue. the gathering gonna be held at bukit malawati. i've told my mum bout the gathering. when i mentioned bukit malawati, she said :

"x takot kene tgkp basah ke?"

i wuz like.. wert??? hahahaha. she thought that there wud be only me n moq at the bukit. kih3. when i said the whole class gonna be there too, she juz gimme the look. ya noe what look it is. hehe.

when i first recalled the tyme when i was twelve. i cud only remember the good things. haha. it was a very joyful tyme n everybody wuz like struggling so very hard to achieve 5a's in their upsr as if they can use the result to enter the university. haha. so am i.

i remember my lovely darling, JULIA. she's my best friend at that time. i dunno how i can get along with her. but it seems like there were lotsa chemistry between us. she cud understand me n i can understand her. we can share lotsa things together even we haven't met for a very long time. and i cud never forget the presents she gave me. she was soo very nice n i laff her lot.

and there was RAIHANA. she's also my best friend. plus, we look alike n people always made a mistake by calling me raihana, n she was called as mira. haha. very funny. the things bout raihana that i cud never forget is that she was very intelligent. she is the fast learner. smpoi, but very moody. her fav victim was me. but, i also laff to make her mad at me. no matter what, we cud get along soo very well. we can't never be apart. where there is raihana, there wud be mira. we're more like twins.

AINIL was my childhood bestfriend. we grew up together at the same housing area. she knew my family well and i knew her family well. we're both the eldest child in our family but she has little sister n i got my little brother. our lil brada n sistah are both at the same age too. juz, they didn't get along well like us. ainil is a kinda mysterious gal. she hide lotsa secrets. and i'll owez b the one who got to know bout it n owez b the one who want to noe bout it (i'm kinda busybody by the way) hehe. she's the lovely person n soo very girlish.

my one perfectionist friend is SYUHADA. she wanted everything to be so perfect n soo well organized n this used to be the reason why we had our fight. we owez compete uring exams to see who got higher marks for certain subjects n usually our fav subjects is ALL THE SUBJECTS! hahaha. there was once, it was kinda test to prepare us for our upsr. me, faridah, n some other gals in our click got n A for our science. but, i can't recall wut grade she got. but juz, believe me. she wanted the marks so badly till she count the marks in the bracket (u noe the marks provided for the answer that was placed at the bottom of the question). n she found out that the marks given was not 50. it's only 47 if i'm not mistaken. soo, all of our marks gotta be changed n she got what she wanted. the marks.

if there was a person who cud be awarded as the most stubborn feelingless person, she cud be FARIDAH. genius is in her gene. her sistah and her lil bro is very faymes for their excellent results. so do her. but she was very stubborn. i've had a fight with her bout this issue. she kinda offended by my behaviour but i think, it was so very silly to get offended for that kinda thing. no need for me to explain what kinda thing it is. just let say, she didn't want to talk or even look at me for about three or four days. kinda like that. i was suffered. u noe, i really hate tis kinda fight like "aku xnak kawan dgn ko lgi dah!" so childish. so,i juz print out a card from my computer. like a letter of apology to her. n we became friends like we used to. huh.wuteva it is, she's nice n cute. everybody love her dimples! so do i!

YATIE! she's the sweetest gal i've eva met. she's kewl, nice n friendly. she cud offer u help anytime u wanted. she's very adorable. i can't see anything bad bout her. she juz so very nice n naive. u can tell her the secrets bout ur lil crime and believe me, no one else wud noe bout it. juz u n her. she's very hardworking. she laff charity n she is faymes. omoz everybody knew her. n they loved her. nice gal neva had foes. she's totally not the bitch!

the award for the best guy friend goes to FARID! aha. like him lot! we'd spent so many times together. he was so very funny. i can laugh till i cramp my tummy when i heard his jokes especially when adam is involved too. he's a shy person n very private. to let ya noe, he's the richest among all of us. but, he kept it as a secret. so humble. he loved to talk to me bout his family. n i laff to hear them. my friends had some issues with me, farid, n adam cz we laff to talk alot. each time teacher gave us the time to do our excercises, both of them wud turned their chairs back n we've gonna chat n talk like krazi. the teacher evn thought to change my place but i promised not to be dat hyper. hehe. n i got some pujian from the teacher cz i still can be excell in my result even i laff to make noise.hehe. not every person in the class can get along with him cz noone noe bout his personal so i consider myself lucky to get to know him well. neway, i hope he cud joined us during the gathering cz i missed him soo much n i really want to know bout what he's doing now. well, we've lost contact after he moved to bangi with his family, n we had kinda personal issues between us. soo, i really hope that he cud be there tis 19th.

the joker of the class is ADAM. owh! no one cud resist his sarcastis jokes. it was very hurtful to hear those words that came out from his mouth. but, we're close friends. like i've told u before. me, farid, n him. haha. adam is a science person. he cud think like a genius n like a scientist during a young age. he loved game so much! i love to fight with him cz it was fun. no one cud ever understand how i can get along with this two boys that annoyed the class soo much. haha. i neva failed to laff each time i recalled bout our memories together. fyi, only us can understand our own jokes. hahak!

missing the old tymes
mishu guys lot!

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