Wednesday, April 9, 2008

new mobile phone

okies..i'm heading to my happiness. hehehe.. for now, i'm able to smile n say that i've almost everything that i want. i'm currently in a relationship,my family is getting better and better each day, my understanding n loving friends are all around to help me during the hard times, n i achieved a very good results in my spm. alhamdulillah. thank you ALLAH for giving me all this happiness.

since i got a good result in my spm, my parents asked me what i want for a present. i answer : NEW MOBILE PHONE!!!! ahahahaha... n guess what? wish is granted!

my parents bought me a new sony ericsson Z610i. but, it's pink! hehehe..i never thought that i wud have a pink stuff. kinda funny neway. but it's lovely. my brother said it suits me well. cz he said that i shud show my feminine side more. pink is so very girlish. i agreed.

my brother asked, why i didn't buy a cybershot or a wlkman?.. i said it's too expensive. pity my parents. well, my result wasn't that excellent to qualified my to get such an expensive gift. neway, tis phone is good enaf. it has everything that i wanted in a mobile phone. 3G, nice camera function, big memory card (it's up to 1gig y'all!!), n the most important thing is, it's a flip phone!
gotta love it very much!!! frens said nothing bout da color. n they're loving it too. my phone is not so very faymes. i never saw it before. but, wuteva it is, i still love it!

but as always, i had a problem with da songs. too many rock kapak inside. hehehe. gotta delete it and save only certain rock kapak song that i laff like bumiputera rockers, n some wings n search songs. well, rock kapak still rawkz!!!

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