Thursday, April 17, 2008

PETRONAS EDUCAMP 2008 hari pertama

Okay, I just wanna share with u guys about my fresh experience of going to PETRONAS sponsorship programme or known as EDUCAMP. Before this, I've attended JPA scholarship interview but I didn't write a post about it cause I don't think I'm good enough to give any advice to the you candidates.


It doesn't mean that I excelled in my PETRONAS' interview. It's just I wanna share some experience going through all the hardship. Believe me, this interview, is the most competitive interview I've ever attended. Like my batch, the guys are 4:1 compared to the girls. So, some of the girls got intimidated.

Actually, I was quite surprise that I got the chance to go to this EDUCAMP thingy in UTP, Tronoh, Perak. Cause I don't expect that I would get shortlisted. I thought I'd never met their requirement. But, alhamdulillah, thank GOD, ALLAH is almighty HE gives to those who HE wants and I'm one of the lucky people who got the chance. I was very thankful for that.

EDUCAMP was held for two days. i was in the first batch. so, our EDUCAMP starts on 15th April to 16th April.

I arrived at UTP around 7.55 am. At that time, I saw lotsa people there. I was like 'wowed!!' I was looking for my friends from MJSC BESERI, but I saw no one.

I went for some briefing about the hostel. We were given the map of UTP. Believe me, the map and the actual road are quite different. My hostel is at village 2. My room was at the highest level which is at 4 or 5..something like that, I can't remember. My roommate was also an ex MJSC student. She was from MJSC KOPU. She came all the way from Terengganu which is well, quite far from here.

After we've checked in, we are required to go to the Chancellor Complex. Believe me, you would be impress by the architectural design. I dunno how the architect could imagine to build such place. I'll tell u bout the libraries later.

We need to register everything all by ourselves as the parents were required to enter the hall first. We're required to give all the documents asked together with the akujanji and the bank receipt. i dunno that we're required to bring the bank receipt, so i told the officer that I didn't brought them (in fact, I lose it!!) the officer said that it was okay as long as I've made my payment. I got my EDUCAMP ID NO. which is 100129.

After the registration, we went upstairs straight to the hall. There, at the hall, I saw REVATHY, NADIA LDP, and ROSMIZA 5K. But, we didn't talked much cause everybody seems to have their own cliques but me. :( But, thank god, I met my roommates. So, I just stay with her.

At the hall, they gave us some briefing about UTP and PETRONAS instituition itself.

After the official perasmian, parents were allowed to leave the hall and went back but if some who wants to remain, they're allowed to do so.

During the second session, there were 2 UTP students who told us about their experience studying in UTP. One from Malaysia, and one from South Africa. The way they told us bout their experience being a student there make us excited plus,like what the officer told us that almost 80% of job employment are guaranteed.

After the session ended, we went for our lunch at the place where we first arrived. After that, there were buses waiting for us to take us back to our hostel.

At about 2.30 pm, we were taken by bus to the Main Hall. There, we were required to took a PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST. It was to check what personality we have, I think. The questions were quite different from the psychology test that always held by the caunselors at maktab before. (according to my friends, this test was actually to be submitted to Petronas for sponsorship purpose. wallahualam)

After we finished our test, we're taken to the Chancellor Complex again and were divided into groups according to the course that we applied.

I was in the group of mechanical engineering 2. In our group, there were only 4 girls including me and there are almost a hundred guys with us. The seniors (our facies) took us to the IRC (library) in front of the Chancellor Hall. The library is very big. They have 6 stairs of racks that are fully loaded with books. We were told that there were almost 190 000 books in the IRC. But, we noticed some of the racks were empty, imagine if all the racks are all full with books, by then, they wud be almost a million of books there!

UTP has broadband wireless internet connection as well as 3G. So, it wud be very convinient for those who study there. After we enjoyed ourself at UTP, we went to the labs. It was gorgeous. At first, I wasn't excited about the idea of continuing studying in UTP. But, after I saw all the facilities and their multinasional study culture I think those who get to study here are very lucky.

During the night, we were taken to the chancellor hall to get some briefing about tomorrow's interview. Here, u should listen very carefully all the instructions bout the buses, the timing, and the places. Or else, u wud not know what u have to do. they were some briefing bout the documents that have to be certififed. So, u dun have to worry if u dont bring enough documents cause u can fax it to them later. Wuteva it is, just listen carefully to what they're talking bout.

the students were moving out to get back to the hostel to pepare for tomorrow's interview.

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