Thursday, April 17, 2008


okayh. here come the scariest part of the EDUCAMP. it was THE INTERVIEW!!!!

everybody became very nervous including me of cz. we were divided into 4 session. there were A, B, C, n D session. i got D session. in each session, we were divided into panels. there were 25 panels altogether. i was in panel 2. in each panel, we were divided into sequences. sequence means turn. my sequence was 4.

so i was in session D, panel 2, sequence 4.

session A n B had their assessment (interview) during morning. session C n D had to seat for few tests at the morning n wud gone for their assessment during afternoon.

the tests started at 8.30 am. the tests were divided into three. 1st test is the english proficiency test. the test took one hour. the test was for testing our efficiency in english. for those who are good in english n are superb in that subject, u dun have to worry much cz u can answer the questions for sure. the test had 50 questions that must be answered in one hour.

after that, we were given the critical reasoning test. this test was a killer test for most of us. there were 60 questions that must be answered in 30 minutes. the questions were like we were given a passage n there were 4 statement bout the passage. we must state whether we agreed, not agreed, or cannot say anything bout the passage. so, u guys must think fast! very fast! most of us juz hentam the last questions. including me.heheh.

after those two tests, we were allowed to take some rest bout 15 minutes n had our refreshments.

after some rest, we went back to the main hall n seat for our iq test, i think.the test had 40 questions that must be answered in 20 minutes. as usual, u had to think fast n creative. the test is about diagrams. if u had ever came across any iq tests book, u wud found those questions.

we finished the test at about 11.30 am. we had our lunch n had some rest. at 2.00 pm we went to the block B by bus to had our assessment.

we were put at the waiting room while waiting for session C to finished their case study. after bout 30 minutes of waiting, we were called to go to the transition room. there each panel was placed at a round table. the environment was the same like u having any dinner at hotel or kenduri kawen dkt dewan.

my grup panel was mostly guys. i'm the only gal in the panel. the first sequence was a guy from kelantan. he studied in SMK Al-Amin before. before petronas, he was called for interview in MARA n he was applying for medics. his name is RAHMAN. at UTP, he was applying for geophysics.

the second sequence was a guy from terengganu. his loghat was so pekat.yet he was very funny. i liked him. his name is FARIS. he studied at MJSC YT before. n like rahman, he applied medics n MARA. he was applying for mechanical engineering under UTP programme.

the third sequence guy was NABIL. he studied in sains seremban. he was from gombak, KL. he had applied jpa for pharmacy n now he was appliying for mechanical engineering under UTP programme.

then the forth sequence was me.

we were given a case study which is under topics FOOD FOR THOUGHT. it was under genetic engineer knowledge. we were focusing on genetically modified(GM) food. each sequence had a different recommandation. so, we need to elaborate based on recommandation given. we were provided with research n some background bout the topics itself. so, u need not to worry much or doing some research in the internet bout any topics cz we were oredi provided with the facts.

we were given 30 minutes to think. there were papers for u to jot down anything u wanted. after 30 minutes, we were taken to the the waiting room to be interviewed by the panels.

we were called individually at first. during my individual test, i rate it as not gud enaf n not impressive. during individual session, u need to tell some facts bout ursef n ur backgrounds. then, u have to tell them bout ur elaboration n opinions bout the case given to u.

after all the members in the grup panels had been interviewed individually, we went fo grup interview. there, u shud discussed bout ur case study n ur recommandation. bout wut u shud do with ur case study. that's all.. nothing much.

so..i think i've given clear figure bout how the interviews is going on. for those who are going there, gud luck n best wishes from me..

p/s : actlly, i dun really hope to get this scholar based on my performance. i wasn't that gud. but, people, when u heard anybody who got petronas scholars, believe me, they were super genius n had a super great leadership quality. so, if u've made it to get the scholar, cogratulation!! u were among the great people. however, the experience during the educamp is the experience i wud remember as the most valuable ones.

life must go on,

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