Sunday, November 30, 2008

marry me, marry me!

johnny depp is my kekaseh hati :)

i watched charlie and the chocolate factory.
and i fall in love again. for the nth time.

greedy augustus makes me hungry.
little charlie makes me thinks that i should be a better person.
the english girl makes me annoyed.
the little bitch irritates me.
the evil genius makes me wonder how nerd are super duper cool!

and here comes willy wonka,
who makes me think that i've found my mr perfect!

johnny depp, you're so hot!

kacak kacak kacak.

oh, kalau lah anda boyfriend saya!



Ko_Kenal said...

Eiyyyyy Mireya,

Jiwang tuuuuu.

I wonder how many times you've fallen in love.... nth times?

n = How many?


mireya said...

many many many times, of course!

and, alwasys with the same person.


in love with him, my johnny depp!
(edward scissorhands, jack sparrow, sweeney todd, and yang paling spesel, WILLY WONKA!)


kusu said...

dak utp jugak eh..hee
tukar link..aku dah link kau..
:) nice blog :)

mireya said...

yup yup yup.
oke bro.
ak da link anda juga :)

tenkiu tenkiu :p

kusu said...


deena said...

same la pulak bf kitorg.
ko tgk movie???
ts da baca belom?!

Eg!E_ aMn!e said...

oit...nice page fren!...

im ur new followers!!~

can i link*2 u at my blog too?...

can laa??...


mireya said...

deena :
xpe, demi johnny depp my love, ak rela bermadu!
ts? ape tu?
hak3, *matila aku x bace lagi.
xpe2..ari nie ak struggle utk thnkig skills ksygn ak tuh! woo!

sure, sure,
no probs lorh~
ti i link u too okeh!
tenkiu tenkiu. :)

miss eLyA =) said...

orayte! i didnt know u love him too!!

he's like,the actor that i most love! like,forEVER!! ahh yes i love him..

and the best thing is i dream about him too! note that its not ur average dream experince as,well as u know me better,they are indeed all R-rated! huh hotness baby! oww yeaaah~~

my favourite johnny depp character is jack sparrow! hehe..actually i love all of his character!

i hate paradis..his gf..blek.. dah lah gigi longkang..haha jahat la i kan? lantak la..

hehe..ok ok in conclusion,
johnny depp is MINE! hehe muah.

mireya said...

elya :
kenapa ramai yang mahu bermadu dengan i nih?

ohhhhhh. sedih!

haha.orang jot memang macam tu.

i love, i love, i love johnny depp!

every characters dia makes me fall in love.
again and again!

go bebeh go!
johnny depp go go go. :)