Tuesday, November 25, 2008

kekaseh yang lari.

he likes her. at least that was what he told her.



he asked her to teach him this and that. she said, "oke!"

so she taught him (at least this is what she wanted to believe).

her friends called that as a date. a date that was not really look like one.

she don't really teach him because she couldn't be close enough to him. she really want to be that close cause it would be easy for her to teach him and show him some important datas but, there are a few things that stopped her.

she couldn't really mention what it is. but, it sucks!

she make boring faces. it's not like she doesn't like him. but, she doesn't understand herself yet. maybe she likes him too, maybe not.

he is seriously not her type.

but her friends says that he looks nice and handsome.

so he is their type. not hers.

well, after that so-called-date and teaching, he never contacts her.

they seat for exam in exactly the same hall. he don't even wish her good luck.

she wished him.

maybe because she makes boring faces during that time and maybe he was offended.

well, he is a sensitive guy.

she is sorry if she offended him. too many times, she thinks.

she don't meant to. that was her.

no one could ever be able to love her, she thinks.

he should try harder, or at least never stop trying. but, he is only ordinary guy, ordinary human being who have feelings and he know when he was bored.

and she know he is already bored with her who never be serious.

she wish he know how to know her. don't understand her, enough to just know her nature.

well, it means he is not the guy she is looking for.

he have the guts, but not the effort, and he easily get bored and gives up.

it's not his fault that he is bored with her. not everyone could stand her.

well, she has ruined another chance to have a boyfriend.


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