Thursday, November 20, 2008

saya awek kamu!

i am seriously a conservative person when it comes to relationship.

i am not the type of girl who mengorat guys dulu even i like to flirts very much. note : very, very much. auw! ;p

i repeatedly told my guy friends :

"auw! hensemnya! nak mengorat?" *wink2*

surely sounds very gedikk to most of you. but, this is how i joke around. please don't take it seriously. even most of the guys i met got confused at first time when i say those magic words, but believe me, when looking at the wild side of me, they know i was playing around with them.

no hard feelings.

when i really like someone, i couldn't control myself. of course, i wouldn't even dare to talk to him, to look at him, or even smile.

called me a snob, but hey baby, i like you!

of course i wouldn't say all those crappy words like "nak-mengorat-boleh?" thingy. cause, i could never dare to talk to my crush.


but, seriously, when it comes to how to tackle a girl. i really don't know how to be a-hard-to-get girl. it depends. sometimes, when i befriend with a guy, and he started to hint me that he likes me, and i acted indifference, boy, that means you are just a friend!

i think other girls would say the same too. when a girl consider you as a friend, it means, you really are THE FRIEND. fullstop.

but when i feel the vibes too, that would be the whole different story! usually, i would give hint that he has the chance.

but seldomly they got my hint. why? because i am seriously loves note : loves very vey much to play around. i look serious from my appeareance, but once you get to know me, i couldn't be serious at all.

so, he would consider me as just playing around with him. and gives up.

but, once you had me declared as yours. this comes my favourite part. i wouldn't act like one. yes, i am your girlfriend. but hey, my heart don't say so.

i am hardly to fall in love. oh, i forgot how it feels to be in love!

for me, being a girlfriend doesn't mean that your heart belongs to him. you still can flirts, finding another potential boyfriend, having fun with your girl and guy friends. you are who you are before and after your declaration.

only for the fact that you are bounded with the declaration, "i am your girlfriend and you are my boyfriend"

so, when it is to be serious? like seriously he has your heart?

when she got jealous, and mad, and angry seeing you with another girl and keep being curious about your every actions. at that time lads, she is yours!

oh, one could never tell a girl's heart. but lads,in case of relationship, the more she repels the more she's into you. some girls are egoistic. she won't show that she's into you even she's very very in love with you. even, at the first place, she's been very easy-to-get. for me, this kind of love is forever.

but, when she easily loves you even before this she kept playing hard-to-get, oh. what could i say? this kind of girl would leaves you for another man that haunt her.

but all this crappies are just my thoughts. because this is my opinions based on my experience. and i am sure there would be any other girls out there having the same thought like me.

plus, i am bored, and i felt like blogging. hoho.
end of crappy.
lalala :)
ps : post kali ini tiada motif.

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