Thursday, November 20, 2008

gossip, people!

attention : for this post, i have to use alphabet since i love alphabet that much just like deena said. right dear? :)

cik tiqa wasn't around. and i have to wait for a few minutes before i could enter the class since my lecturer was not around yet.

damn, i am bored.

so, i remembered about my [insert a subject here] test marks. i scored pretty good on the test though and it really made me feel good everytime i think about it. well, i only need eight more marks to have me scored full marks. and my benchmark, got one mark higher than me. oh, how i am so grateful!!

i smiled. alone. macam orang gila.

"hey, what do you get for your [insert subject]? you got the marks already, right?" T asked. smiling.
"yes, of course i got the marks already. it's pretty great," i grinned thoughtfully. oh, i love you marks!

T told me that T got almost full marks too. i couldn't mention the marks, but it was pretty high. i congratulated T upon the success. and still smiling when i think about my marks. thank you, Allah!

so, i continued to the class. and being very very very happy.

well, it was a very long time ago. well, not that long actually, just a forthnight ago, i think.

so, here is the coursework marks that everybody is dying to know. i checked on mine. well, i am not a top scorer, as expected. but thank God it wasn't that bad. Alhamdulillah.

i checked for other courses too and suddenly, i saw T's. ops! is that really T's marks? i checked again and again and again just to be sure.

T marks wasn't as high as T had told me. instead, T marks much much lower than that. i've calculated it. not even half.

i wonder. why on earth, T brags to me about the fake-so-called-low-marks that actually high enough to impressed me? and why on earth T lied to me at the first place??

i keep my mind positive. it must be because of the lecturer. he must have entered the number wrongly. pity T. i hope T realized that. it's coursework, okay?


well, people, this taste good, right? a delicous, juicy, fresh gossip.

i knew way too much about people dark secrets and lies. some might say that i should consider myself lucky to have found such ugly truth.

but it's really a burden to know such things.

cause i will gossips! like dayah said in her blog. girls like gossips, so do i.

yes, i like gossips very much. but, i don't want to bitch around. i have my own life and i am too busy with my own bussiness to feel annoyed with any act like that.

up to you to lie and disguise anything that you wanted to. because, i know you know that the truth is so frigging ugly to let the whole world know bout it, right?

and of course, i've lied too.


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