Thursday, November 20, 2008

al-fatihah buat imad.

Al-fatihah to Muhammad Imaduddin bin Taelip.

today, i lost a friend. he is a friend of mine, a coursemate to be exact.

arwah is a very nice guy. he smiles a lot, like A LOT. he is very witty, funny, friendly, and warm. he gets along with people very well.

we are very shocked when we heard about his death. nobody would expect this news since he looked very healthy, and fit. plus, he was very very very young. eighteen years old. who knows, ALLAH loves him more than us do.

he died because of heart attack. from what i've heard, he'd been suffering heart disease for a very long time.

this evening, he was playing football with some of his friends, and out of blue, he passed out. his friends rushed him to the hospital, and we got the news that he was no longer with us.

my friend told me that this was the first time he wanted to play football. guess it was his last time, too.

you would always be remembered, Imad, mattdude.

may Allah bless you. rest in peace my dear friend.



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