Sunday, November 23, 2008

kenapa saya kurang gemar ke irc?

well, irc stands for information resource centre. it is a library. which is a place to study, and gain information. yeah right, well people, you definitely not reading my blog just to know the meaning of irc. daa?

UTP irc impressed me with its technology *wuhuu!* the many many racks of books which sometimes doesn't make sense *catering? which engineering students or bis/ict students need this?* well, maybe for the sake of knowledge. okay, i got it!

the air-condition which is freezing like hell. watch out skinny! you guys are just gonna froze like a frozen food, so don't forget to bring your thick sweater and cardigans and blanket if possible so you won't freeze like jack in Titanic! oh, sorry, i am exeggerating here.

and oh, the internet connection there is heaven! go google, go youtube, go myspace, go go go!!!!!

well, despite all this advantages which i very very very like, there also some reasons why i don't like to be in irc.

1. i have to struggle to focus since i am very very observant person.

it's so hard to focus since there are many many handsome, cute, and beautiful geeks here. i like to watch those wannabe geeks who think they are cool enough when wearing all those skimpy clothing and declared themselves as a fashion followers and very up-to-date lah sangat. well, bro we all know you are geeks! stay nerd because nerds and geeks are hot, okay?!

2. there are too much of love sparkling everywhere.

when talking about dates, not only taman bunga is full of those lovebirds. in here, these lovebirds really love to study very very much *oh, i could see that* but when you are giggling and making proud faces like you are the only person on this very earth have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it's really make me sick and makes me lost my mood to study. especially to the boyfriend, who behaved like hero trying to protect their girlfriend whenever people are looking or making noises in front or behind them *i've been that 'people'*

p/s : boys here are proud to have their girls around since girls are very few in here. well, to that particular boyfriend, i hope your girlfriend ditch you!

3. sometimes, silence is no good.

i love to hear to some music and noises. since my earphone doesn't look like one anymore, whenever i wanted to hear to some music, i have to use speakerphone with the slowest volume which would automatically amplify themselves in the silence surrounding like one in the irc. and people would go "shh..shh..shh" oh, sorry people! my earphone rosak lah!

4. freezing in air-conditioning room makes me hungry.

i always find myself end up being hungry and desperate. up to an extend i crave for food that belongs to someone i don't even know! and due to my nature, i would just stare at the food like malnutrition children who was abused by the stepmother and look out for sympathy just for a byte of it. and of course, it does scared away the food owner! maybe they would think that i am psycho bulimic person who eat and puke after that. oh, what the heck?!

5. silence your phone.

i only do that in class. well, who wanted to attract attention with the noise of your message alert? yeah, i know you are a fan of [insert a band here], but you don't have to tell it to everybody by using the loudest volume of your ringing tone and annoyed everybody there. hello, we know that song and it is lame! hello, we know that you are so hot that everybody is texting you and trying to flirt with you, and hello, i know everybody is calling you for some-very-important reasons, but silent your phone, please? don't be an attention seeker, could you? hee. well, all of this applied to me. i hate silencing my phone! pffffttt.

p/s : sorry, showing off is my nature. ;p

well, what more i have to say? i only been in irc for a few times during this study week. :) yes, i do love the scenery of loving couples planning their future together, but sikit sikit dah la kan? irc also one of the reason i fall in love with utp back in educamp. sometimes we crave for something that we couldn't have (applied to all educamp candidates), and when you have it, you don't really appreciate it.

exam this monday.
good luck amira!!!

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