Friday, January 2, 2009

my miss goodie goodie no more eighteen :)

kalau orang tanya saya, kenapa saya macam ni?

i would simply point my finger to you, darling.

i wanted to try smoking,
you make face and said fiercely

"jangan nak mengarut lah, perempuan!"

i wanted to hang out with my friend, going out to town late at night, trying some shisha and get high together.
you make the same look again, and shout,

"i won't allowed! jangan harap!"

i said, i want to have some cutex on my nails so it would look nicer and stylish.
you have a glance at me,

"don't you dare, girlfriend!"

i told you about my plan to go dye my hair,or simply highlighted it. so i would look different and might look great myself.
you look at me, begging.

"please don't. i don't want you to be like that. please,"

i said i would like to try some ice. so i would have more energy to study and it would help me losing weight faster.
you stare at me and said

"you did, i move out!"

okay, darling. i didn't. for the time being. but still, i have the intention. :P

you always play the angel, and i play the devil.
you always be the good, and i be the bad.
you always be the cinderella, and i am the witch.

somehow, you always the pinkish girl, and i am the girl with all black attire. coincidence, huh?

but, who cares? i love being the bad bad bad bitch girl.

but still, even i have the most negative aura, you always turn to me for approvals.

"should i go out, babes?"
i said you shouldn't, and still, you did.

you are pretty rebellious.

"do you think this is beautiful?"
i said i think it's awful.

you pick it, and go straight to counter, paying for the stuff. you turn, and smile at me happily.
i understand.

you asked me about him.
and you know how much i don't like him.

i answered everything honestly.
i know your ears are bleeding like hell listening to my nasty comments about him. you smile, and said

"you were right, babes!"

but still, you whined to me bout how much you miss him.

okay,i understand.


eventhough you always asked me to do things that i hate the most,

like going to IRC,
or watching bad movies :P LOL XD
or for calling me "gemokk" just because i don't want to get out from your or my bed,

i still love you.

because you always there everytime i need you.
because you never giving up on me.
because you always be behind me, giving me supports.
because you never complained about how bad i treated you, or simply making fun of you :P
because you never sick of me, or my words.
because you never be mad at me for rarely or never return back all your stuffs, :P

because you are my best friend.

we always say that we are soulmate.

and yes, we are.

we shared everything, cherish every moments, get mad together, annoys ourselves wih our own lame crazy retard jokes.
and never get bored.

may you always be in His blessing.
may you always be the good daughter of your parents.
may you always have the happiness. sorrow, shuuuhhhh, stay away from her!
may all your wishes would soon be granted.

who needs a boyfriend when i have a friend like you? :P


p/s : i post my very first entry of 2009, writing about you!

and, don't worry girlfriend, if i turn out to be a gay, i won't fall for you. and i would keep it as a secret that you would never know. lol :P



rosma said...

i sgt terharu!!
nearly cried in this contacts!
thnx meow2!!!
sgt terharu!!!!!!!!

mireya said...

over taw. :P

ct sakinah said...

rosma mmg over tau!!
yeay !! contacts!!

mireya said...

dia memang begituuu.