Monday, February 2, 2009

me, as a successfully miserable doormat.

you pissed off, so do me [sounds like lol lol], and so do everybody.

it's so funny that we had a fight over little thing like this. guess we both never grown up, or just yet.

but, please note that, i'm not the kind who judge people if i don't know them. if you think that we've known each other for so long, you should have known that.

i never thought anything bad bout you because if i wanted to, there's a lot of things that i could think of to make you deserve any title that i'm so damn it sure that you're not gonna like it.

oke, i hope we're both matured enough to not to drag this problem to be personal.

this is the nth time i've been in this situation. having all the blame, all the hatred, all the shit, all the spit, all on me.

yeah, and i'm kinda get use to it.

as what karma always told us, that someday, the offender will be proven wrong, and the innocent will be proven right. but, it usually does not happened to me.

guess, i am just having a plain bad luck after all.


whatever it is, i am looking forward to apologize for maybe a zillionth times for the mistakes that i've never did.

my apologize does seems worthless now, i could see that.

and with open heart, i could act like usual, as nothing happened. and i really could forgive you, or anybody.

usually i forget first before forgiving. well, good girls did that. :)

don't ask your friends bout what they would think of me, or my words. i already have bad reputation. and usually ex-prisoner would get all the blame, and don't try to deny that dear, you know that. i know you do.

so, just chill. we're soo gonna meet each other, and may be doing group project together for the few next years. hell, it's soo gonna be a really looong looong time.

friend? :)

and do remember, i don't play revenge. it is not on my speed dial.

thank you for listening to a whined of a silly problem of a not-so-little-but-about-to-be-grown-up girl, mister. :P

thank you, again. :)

lepas ini nampaknya saya kena keluar berburu untuk mencari boyfriend. susahlah tak ada orang nak mengadu. bear bukan boleh bercakap, buku pon tak boleh beri respond. blog terlalu terbuka, kawan kawan pula ada masalah mereka sendiri.

kenal tak mana mana operator, atau kaunselor yang masih single? saya broke, tak mampu hire kaunselor sendiri. kalau ada kaunselor untuk jadi kekaseh, boleh buat sesi terapi dan kaunseling secara percuma.

yayyy :)


emellia. said...

haih.biasalah.kadangkadang orang misintrepet kita.
we meant no harm,tp org still nak put all the blame on our shoulder.
thats life,whether we like it or not.

but i think,its good enough you dont hold grudges and pissed lama lama.saya kagum.

anyway,whatever happens, u will still have your close friends with u all the way.

ps:kaunselor kampus aku mahukah?ngee

mireya said...

tu laaa.
xpe la kan.
dah nama pon hidup, terima je. :)

kaunselor uni kamu kacak ye?

[senyum nakal] :P

redSeptember said...

nak ikut memburu boleh? :P

mireya said...


jom! :p