Sunday, February 1, 2009

sometimes books can be judge by it's cover, but people, please don't.

sumber inspirasi : farah dan mimi, sewaktu sesi "kita" pukul 4.30 - 5.00 pagi tadi. tapi, ini bukan kesah mereka.


"seriously, you do look like a bitch. no wonder there's no guy out there willing to have you as their girlfriend."

and, it's soo DOUBLE-U-TEE-EFF.

"and plus, as you can see by yourself, the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you laugh, all that, none of that show your dignity."

again. double DOUBLE-U-TEE-EFF.

"i will be no surprised if one day we met and you become a spinster, because i believe that no guys would like to take you as their wife."

jaw dropped open.

"you're a bitch. nuff said."

smiled. :)

flash back, please.

she, the one who talked bout being a bitch, bout being a spinster, is the one who always been caught up looking proud to be surrounded by a bunch of guys. and she stood in the middle, laughing, and giggling like a proud woman.

oh yes, you're soo angel baby. yes, you are.

you're talking bout the way everybody dressed. let's see what are you're wearing then.

oh, you're wearing all covered clothes. plus, it is loose too. oh yes, at first, i admire the way you dressed, darling. i admire you. seriously, i do feel like wearing it someday, soon.

but when looking at you smiling suggestively, flirtatiously, to the guy who walked in front of you, and talk softly, so-called-politely-soft-tone voice. with dammit low low seductive tone of yours,

i thought, what the heck is wrong with this girl?

cause i've seen you laughing, shouting, loudly with all of you girl-friends, but why when it comes to a guy you suddenly changing mode from active to silent?

hell yes, you do think you act properly. with all the innocent face of yours plus your goody goody appeareance, you do make everyone believe that you're such a girl next door.

but hell, you don't.

i know, there are a lot of girls like you out there. yes, there are. but please, when you are trying to show to the world that you're such a miss goody goody, please don't act like a cheap sluts who did cheapshot seduction, who always willingly to help a bunch of guys copying her work rather than explaining to a girl friend bout law of inertia.

ouh, please, please, please.

i don't care bout others, or you looking at me by the way i dressed. because seriously, i am not that good. yes, i am no angel, baby.

but you, wearing those goody goody outfit, please act like ones. please, ouh please.

jangan cemarkan reputasi perempuan perempuan baik.

i mean, the reputation that those girls got when they wear nice loose, all covered outfits.

don't wear like ones if you ain't them, babes. please.

i hope you get what am i trying to say here.

i rather be a spinster than marrying a jerk. because i know, you would.

and that goes to you too guys. those who think that you were cool enough to judge a girl by the way they look, the way they dressed, the way they talked, the way they mingle.

judge us only when you have the chance to get to know us.

because, the girl that you thought as good as an angle, may as sick as the girls that you thought as sluts.

and perhaps the girls that you thought as sluts, is zillion times better than your perfect,polite,so-called nice girls.

don't judge before you have the chance to get to know people.


cerita ini tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa. dead or live, to be born, or to be dead.

serius. sumpah.



ImaginE said...

ah...perempuan sebegitu memang belambak...

aku tak paham kadang kala aku rasa mereka tak boleh hidup tanpa dikelilingi lelaki...haiz...

kalo dah 'tutt' tuh... 'tutt' juga...pakai la apa pon...haha

mireya said...

tu laa. tutu tutt betol.hehe.

deena said...

err.jom masuk ramas.

mireya said...



mimi said...

seb bek sok nye 2 cuti
kalo x
ntah cane ak nk bgn g klas
ak ak ak

p/s: i'm not 1 of them!! ak adalah ak~~ ak ak ak

mireya said...

gelak gedik :
ak ak ak ak.

bukan, mimi bukan mereka. mimi bimbo. kita sama sama join bimobo club.