Friday, April 3, 2009

saya tak boleh tahan, saya terpaksa kutuk awak jugakkk!!!!

do you remember about my neighbor?

now, they have gone beyond the limit. my roommate and i are definitely can't wait to move out from our room.

last year i complained about the smell that revolved around our room. you know, the smelly smell of telur busuk yang busuk gila nak mampus that came from our neighbor's room.

maybe she really is saving her money or she just can't find any spa around tronoh or ipoh or just can't afford for a facial and hair treatment. so, she used the eggs for the alternatives.

by the way,i think she read my blog about my complaint of the smell of her little-home-made-disturbing spa.

and thank God, now the smell has gone.


i think, she and her friend, who is also happened to be my next door floormate, have done another terrible thing that could rip my heart out.

they have gone DEAF!

they keep playing songs, mostly Rihanna songs (they used to play Chris Brown songs too, but after the abusing case, they haven't played his songs anymore. they really are a good royal fan of Rihanna. lucky you.) and some other singers, very loudly.

and now, they are crazy of Eminem.

thank God they are not a fan of FTSK, or else, my ears would have bleed as hell by now.

okay, i am a fan of Eminem too, and i dont even give any fuck about them playing the songs as it is their right to do so. but, if you keep on playing the songs like you want to do suicidal attempt by bursting out your eardrums, please don't even think to ask us to join you.

i love my ear, and my eardrum.

i am still young and i don't want to be deaf. i really trying hard to minimize the usage of the earphone so that i could preserve my hearing, but they both are seriously don't want me to do so.


and my rommate, she couldn't even get to sleep since she the music is soooo loud that it really interrupt her afternoon and evening sleep.

how we could get enough sleep if things like this happened?

okay, to make things worse, they love to play the songs during azan or sometimes right after azan. often we don't realize that it was azan since Rihanna song, Rehab is always on the air.

ouh puh-lease!

and one of them really loves water so much that when she is washing her face at the sink, she opened the shower tab and let the water flow just like that.

dia batak air kut sebab tempat dia sangat famous dengan ketiadaan air. satu dunia tahu.

the other one pulak loves cooking very much that she always cook and i rarely see her eating at any cafe. i don't have any problems with the cooking but the smells are really quite disturbing especially she used lotsa onions!

and plus, the sink in the kitchen room at our floor always stuck with her remained veggies from the cooking and it also cause the sink to smell very stink and looks disgusting as it macam ada lendir lendir and macam ada kerak melekat dekat sinki.

sumpah disgusting nak mampus!

i wish i could tell them straight to their face. shit oh shit they are big and look so damn strong and powerful.

kalau kena sepak, mahu bengkak pipi aku ni. silap-silap pertumbuhan gigi bongsu aku boleh terbantut!

sangat berharap next sem we would not be neighbour, or worse, i hope they are not my future rommate or else i am going to rent a house outside the campus.




rosma said...

perlu la nak cakap pasal my afternoon and evening sleep kan?!!
malu laa!!!!!

mireya said...

everybody does that, dear.

miss eLyA =) said...

exactly. haha ko tawu mase aku dtg bilik ko tapi u guys are not in tu kan,aku dga dari ujung koridor doh die pasang lagu kuat2! but the song that was on was damn good!! i was dancing to ur room hahaha!

tapi tapi tapi,aku terfikir gak,sian doh ko. tapi takpe.

ko ade msalah same ngan aku.

org depan aku pon suke pasang lagu KUAT KUAT!

and sume lagu poyo2 yg aku benci nk mampos lagi2 if its stuck to my head! i do not want a simple plan song stuck here ok!

at least jiran ko got better taste.

u know,if i were u,i dah tegor.

mireya said...

sebab aku dah biasa, aku dah imun.
aku tak kesah pasal lagu tu sangat, just kadang2 melampau la plak kan.

tp x bole tahan la pasal sink tu, gela gross!!

LyanaHamka said...

disgusting to the max~!
sian korang.

sabau ye.

nampak cambest bilik 1st floor, dekat ngn water cooler, toilet, and yang paling best, bilik sebelah washing machine~!

tapi last sem, 6 kali bilik kena banjir ngn air kotor.
(source dari toilet yang tersumbat).
gle gross!

Banjir as if baru lepas kena taufan Katrina.
paras air sangat tinggi.
t'paksa merempat tumpang tido bilik orang.


mireya said...

dahsat eh kau punye experience.
at least aku pencemaran bunyi je.
tapi, susah gak ah.
bilik dapur sink tu dah tersumbat gila2.
nak basuh cawan semua kena g toilet.

kesimpulannya, kita kena tabah!


rosma said...

apadia belle???

susah nak basuh cawan???
when was the last time??

mireya said...

i slalu kut bancuh air.

at least, even jarag2 guna pun,
dy xbole la buat mcm tu.
skunk da tersumbat, bukan dy nk betulkan.