Thursday, May 28, 2009

be my Sweeney Todd and i'll be your Mrs Lovett.

i guess i just have too much pride and lack of guts.

i have dreamt of having a friendly little chat with you, giving you my warmest smile and having a good time joking with you.

eventhough we actually never talked before.

i have so much ego that i even thought that i was a man.

as if you know how deeply i have fallen for you.
it is not head over heels anymore. it is as if i have sunk the whole me into you.

i wanted to get to know you.

but i am afraid of putting my ego aside and take off my heels and chasing for you instead.

as if i have the guts and lower down my pride,
i would just want to say


with a warmest smile.

but deep down inside,
we both know it would never happened.

T.T as if, as if.

it's great how you responded with the g-talking that we had the day before.
it does make me smile all through the day even my exam papers are just killing me inside.
thank you for being friendly.
thank you for making me alive and humanly again,
thank you for stealing my heart.

thank you, you.

[entri tak ada kena mengena dengan sesiapa. jangan nak buat-buat tahu. kena backhand karang. LOL :P]



mimiyana said...

ak taw sape!!!
ak taw sape!!!

p/s: nk backhand ak ke??? :(

mireya said...


xpe beta tak jadi backhand. favourite pet nih.


mimiyana said...

salunye manusai abuse pet diorg

ouh, i'm not saying that i'm ur pet k

mireya said...

kau nak aku abuse kau ke pet no 2?


aku sayang kau tahap dewa punya. aku da selalu tampar kau kan, tak kan nak backhand plak.

gagga. :P

mimiyana said...

hua3. ko da backhand chin ri2. ak x mo. keke

mireya said...

tau takpe.
weh kesian chin weh.
x berdosa kut dia.