Tuesday, June 2, 2009

buat baik dibalas baik, tapi kadang-kadang buat jahat pun dibalas baik juga.

people say karma happened. what goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around.

you do deed, you get deed, you do shit, you get shit. what you give you get back. that's what people said. and some of them even have proof. either it is happening to them or happened to people around them.

the point is, karma did happened.

sometimes it didn't happened for what you have done, sometimes it is because what you intended to. like, you've been wishing your friends to be in a very bad state, like been humiliated in the public, or just simply been dumped by their other halves [you sure are a bad bad friend if you wish this kinda things]. the next thing you know, you are in that state, and your friend are there helping you.

it's amazing how life could be that funny, aite?

it's amazing how we always ridicule people and wish for their falling instead of just be happy and wish for their happiness.

i guess this is what we called, HUMAN.

we just have this small friggin' black smelly meat inside our body that hates every good things that happened to other people that just don't happen to us.

we said that they are blank, acting stupid, and just empty like an empty can but we just don't realize that we acted the same way.

we are too, blank, we are empty, and we are as bad as what we called other people.

don't matter what we wear or what we affiliate to, we are all the same. we did what other people did. good things, bad things. it's up to the eyes that are looking and judging for what we did.

don't deny, we all judged.

some say female smokers are hot, some say they are not.
some called being sloppy is cool, some say they are fool.
some might like being weird because they think it is unique, but some might say "durh, man that is totally freak!"

it's up to us to judge.

in the end, we would realize, that we are all the same.

because karma did happened.

"we hate you because you are not cool enough and you know no fun"
being told why you are lame, because you are who you are.

"i hate him and he don't even know it"
next, you heard you're being hated by ten other people you know.

"yaw, he's fucking hawt and look at her, she's like ... you know, ORDINARY?"
next, you'll read the same thing people wrote about you in their blogs.

well, like i said. karma did happened.

sometimes, it didn't happened directly, instead good things come first and don't get too excited because beware maybe it is just a second chance to redeem what you've done.

when you don't realize it, karma will hit you hard, FRIGGIN' HARD.

you know, when it comes to this kinda shit, they always say "you'll never know,"
i guess we just never know.

you get the point?
ah never mind, you'd never understand anyways.

am not in a very good state right now. neither physically, mentally, nor emotionally.


LyanaHamka said...

nice one!
lama tak singgah.

mireya said...


baek baek sahaja lorr!
ngee :D

how's life yaw?