Thursday, July 23, 2009

dum dum tak

life's never been fair, life's never be kind.
it's for us to choose what best,
to laugh, or to cry,

cause in the end,
we live our own life.
with the past, and the future.

perhaps our pasts were the best memories we ever had,
but don't forget we had the future to decorate,
perhaps the memories were the worst,
but let's make the future be different.

it's our life, our choice.

heaven or hell,
we the one would choose,
to suffer or to 'gembira'



faizfaizah said...

ye ye..
i want 2 decorate my future!!
wutever was our past, it was a past..
move on!!~

rosma said...

very true.

mireya said...

faizfaizah ;
move on, move on :)

rosma ;
happened to be true. ;P