Friday, July 24, 2009

heartless flowery post ; post bunga-bunga tak berjiwa.

i forgot how was it feel to be in love
was it the feeling flying high
or just the nerve to hide
the feelings we shared
and the tears we shed

does in love means
we get distracted by the presence of the particular someone
or was it just an "angan-angan?"

oh my, oh my
love is in the air
but it's the air that i just couldn't breath in

oh my, oh my
what has happened to my feelings?
has it been taken away and keep vanishing
or it's just me too blind to see anything?





faizfaizah said...

love just make someone breathless.

feeling afraid to fall in love again.
i had enuff!!
the most important is, u still have us by ur side. :)

mireya said...


mood ; not in love doww :P