Friday, September 18, 2009

it's okay, cause i know sometimes reality could really surprised me.

i want you for my birthday present, can i?

please, someone kidnap him, put him in a refrigerator box and wrapped the box with red shiny paper tied with white ribbon and surprised me by putting it in front of my door so that when i
open my door in the morning i could smile happily looking at the present
couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the years (only God knows how many years it's going to be)
cause i had him by my side just to keep me accompany.


and, please,
i want another year of being eighteen. i want it all over again. i promise that i would make it as the best year of living and i promise i wont do stupid things anymore,
i promise i wouldn't let my chance slipped away
and i wouldn't let myself be clueless not knowing what to do,
cause i really know what the hell i wanna do.

pretty, pretty please,
i want this Hari Raya to be the happiest Hari Raya ever as i want my phone
keep ringing by his texts coming in,
and for us to be on the phone for hours (which it might not happen even if my cats grow horns on the head),
and us keep in touch with each other letting each other knows what each of us are doing,
smiling over incoming messages, and phone calls.

could i have all these?
could i have what i want, for once?

"you cant always have what you want" - oh goddammit screw the saying!

"aku bagi kau lagu yang aku suka, ya?"

and i just couldn't stop smiling, even in my sleep.


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