Tuesday, September 15, 2009

duuuuuuddddeeeee, that's not cool.

"the little brother needs some love too"
"appreciate little brother and you got loved"
"do you broke up with him because his performance wasn't good?"
"and she wondered why you sometimes wears boxers and sometimes briefs?"

i heard this in one of Malaysian English radio on one of its night slots. and the dee jay said this to a girl who tried to get back with her boyfriend besides talking about the boyfie's boxers and briefs. the boxers and briefs' part is acceptable lagi, but


this is MALAYSIA, and we don't talk about little brother ON AIR la dude!


yeah, we talked about those stuffs in public, WITH FRIENDS, but not on air la. and it's a girl (malay girl, and the boyfie named Khairul, sah-sah lah muslim kan), it could be considered as SEXUAL HARASSMENT kut?

oh kalau nak nampak cool sekali pun, please hormat sikit, it's the last nights of Ramadan kut,

or at least, fikir la it's RAMADAN. durhh, seriously tak sensitive langsung.



hakuna said...

biasa la tue...orang nak berlagak urban...suepatutnya la...haha...

mireya said...

HAHAHAHA hakuna,
urban la sgt mcm tu kan. ish3.

emellia. said...

itu melayu ja tu.bukan islam belle.

weh weh i just knew its ur birthday a few days back.dapat tahu dr blog smek.

mireya said...

emellia ;
ntah la apa la dorg nih.

ouh THANK YOUUU!! ;)