Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apa yang telah Saya Pelajari Dari Raya Tahun Ini.

1. my family is dysfunctional (of course in a funny way!)

2. i don't really like Raya. yes, when it comes to balik kampung cause hella! i didn't even get the chance to do my assignments, sorry my DE group. ;)

3. and of course, i don't really like Raya for the calorie intakes i have, plus the fat intakes and other intakes too.

4. i realize i surely would not have problem for not going back celebrating Raya with my family. because i don't really have the sentimental feelings for gathering with all the sanak saudara thingy. so, future employers, take me, i would love to work on first day of raya. sure. ;)

5. i don't have that little thing over him anymore, the absolute ex. and yes, we smiled, we exchange number (again!), we talked, we asked forgiveness, but that's it. no more blushing, no more hoping. it ends there. im so over you dahling! yay! ;)

6. one thing about the ex, he was much more sensible. he remembered my birthday, and the birthday present i asked him to give me (which i told him about seven months ago?). gosh, he never remember anything when we were together. oh how much he has changed. good for you, boy, good for you. ;)

7. i am good at faking smiles. try me baby.

8. when i was annoyed, you could tell.

9. i still get duit raya by the way.

10. i look younger than my brother. yay!

11. i like the idea of going back to rumah mertua. i believe i would not mind going back and celebrating Raya in my husband's hometown once i get married. haha.

12. i realized i have talent in house chores rather than cooking.

13. i need more shoes.

14. and bags too.

15. i am selfish.

16. instead of happiness, this raya brought me more grieves. (all non-related to XY species)

17. and oh i learned that my favourite cousin, my little boncet Harith Iskandar look alike toddler, really good in poco-poco even he was only one year and a half.

18. i spent my Raya holidays five days in Kedah, two days in Kelantan, two days in Banting, and only one day in my own home sweet home.

19. i can't wait to get driving again.

20. i miss Nemo. i can't wait to have her baby kittens away so i could have the chance of spending time with her alone like we used to before.

21. i love my dysfunctional family, consisting my parents, my brother, and me.

not much to say, well

i have enjoyed my Raya anyways. :) do you?


j1da said...

mai la keja kat infineon time raya. beratos dapat.

j1da said...

sapa jaga nemo and babies when u guys were away?

mireya said...

haha xpe 3 taun stgh lagi kite dtg mohon keja. haha.

o kawan ibu y x balik raya yg tolong jaga. datang rumah hari2 bg dorg mkn.
dorg kitorg letak dlm bilik air ramai2.