Monday, November 23, 2009

To the Friend Who Always Keep Me Spinning Right Round, Right Round. *Insert Song Here*

"if you're a choc-flavoured candy, i'll be da strwberry-flavoured. if you're a bitch, i'll be da pussy; be it wet or dry, we'll be together darl."

I prefer you to be the dick, but anyhow,

Sure baby, we'll be together. Whoever, whatever, no matter what comes along our journey,
we still be together.

We've gone through a lot. Don't give up on each other. I love you no matter what.

Pinky promise.

You jadi tahi warna pink tu.


*tetibe rasa macam cakap dengan boyfriend. Oh you know we are always have this complicated emotional bonding that only we both know how to explain. Aren't we?*


rosma said...

hahaha..perlu la nak kena jadi tahi pink tu kan???

thnx dear..somehow i feel like it's vulgar..coming from such an innocent person..ehem

mireya said...

durh! obviously you memang TAHI KALER PINK.

haha saje nak highlight di situ.

tak vulgar langsung. and pleaseeee, you're not that innocent dow. HAHA!

joegrimjow said...

oink2 warne pink banyak

mireya said...

tak nak oink2 laa ;P

rosma said...

heyy..i innocent oke?? dats y i tak tau katna nak letak those saying. it suits no one else except u and me, honestly. hahahaha

mireya said...

durh talk to the hand if you wanna tell me bout your innocence. heh!

seriously it suits me and u? HAHA God Im super terharu! haha! :P

rosma said...

darl, i miss you..
something's been going wrong somewhere..between us..kan?

p/s: kalau i jadi org len, i akan konfius pasal kita..haha

mireya said...

yeah miss you too babe! dunno what went wrong but seriously think that we have to figure it out or just talk bout it. kan kan? :P

p/s : let's not care bout what org len thinks. :P