Monday, December 7, 2009

Bila pulak Malaysia nak produce "Kuala Lumpur, Aku Cinta Padamu" ?

See how their legs synchronizes when they walked together at the end of the clip. So sweet.


Very touching. Indeed. He did things that he does when he falls in love with his wife and yet he is falling in love with his wife all over again.

Plain romantic.

I almost cried watching this.

This is the most romantic and cute way of saying "Surprise" I've ever heard of in my life. Seriously.


This lullaby, "Ahhh...!"

I feel like I wanted to write about all those stories in this film, but I just selected some.

This is all my favourite and now I fell in love with this lullaby, sang by the actress herself.

I keep playing it in my music player even somehow I find it creepy but I like it. No more Sugar Town or Quelqu'un M'a Dit, it is now Que Linda Manito. HEHE. (I seriously sound like a poseur now. ULTIMATELY! ngehngehngeh)

Watch it people, if you haven't. (I might be the lame ass who promote this film since it was produced in 2006 but who cares. JUST WATCH IT AGAIINNN!!!!)

Thanks Bil for the films. BEST!



miss eLyA =) said...

aku pun baru lepas tgok semalam. BEST kan?!?! aku suke sgt sgtttttt

mireya said...

HAHA! same laa aku pun baru tengok semalamm hee!


B. said...


when all else fails, Paris never does :)

cheers for Pargheee!!

mimiyana said...

ak tgk smpi ngntok jadi nye. hahahaha. i know. grow up!! hahaha

FarA said...

at first i didn't get the movie.

"ap nihhhhhhhhhhhh!"

then throughout the movie, awwwwwwwww.


mireya said...


mimi : tak pe, aku pun amek dua hari nak habiskan cite ni. tengok separuh, separuh. heh heh

Fara : yep me too. dah almost like five stories passed baru faham cite ni and yeah i went "awwww" too. ;)