Friday, December 4, 2009

Hackers and Hippies, MAJORR!!

How could a computer genius who happened to hacked supercomputers and banks and million other stuffs couldn't think of getting a hair cut just to change his image so that public or even the police and FBIs would have a problem to recognize him and that could help save him and yeah he could make living and live freely for a while, don't you think so?

I just watched Hackers 2 : Operation Trackdown and all I could think why the hell Kevin Mitnick did not straighten his hair or make it afro or at least do some undercover whenever he went out for shopping or phishing information?


But anyhow, yeah hackers are cool. Before this I thought they were just geeks who you know, wearing all those thick glasses and acting like a weirdo and do that stalking shits but the movie really make hackers look super duper cool mannnn.

I like Cereal in Hackers 1. HAHA yo that hippies! Hippies always are cool! HAHA! And and the Icebreaker in Hackers 2 is just awesome with his piercing and the eyeliner yeehhaaaa! sek-say I say.

And yeahhh, watching three Hackers' movies marathon really make me can't wait to learn programming next semester. HELL YEAAHHHH! Programming, let me get you bebehhh!!!

Oh tell you what, Hackers 3 was quite a disappointment. Less codes were used and there's no rush like who's getting there first with the codes and all the images of viruses and worms you know. It's more like kids action movie but all in all the twist at the end really surprised me like hey, who's in the world we could really believe and have our faith in, right???? There Hackers 3 got me thinking. Kudos to Hackers 3 yo.

Anyhow, Hackers 1 and Hackers 2 still rocks my socks! YEAHHHHHHHH all hail to 90's movies yo!!

And oh, today I slept at 5. Thanks to Hackers. But no biggie, it is all worth it I tell ya.


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