Saturday, December 19, 2009

I guess I have too much caffein that I was high when I wrote this.

Tell you what, this idea was just popped into my mind when I was busy (AHAHA!) stalking reading a blog of oh-you-don't-have-to-know-who.

And and and I have this brilliant idea of making or should I say writing my own script for a movie. Or a drama, or maybe a thirteen episodes of drama series for TV3 to be aired in oh-I-forgot-what-it's-called slot. Yeah, the one that aired Tirana something something.

Yeah that one!!

Or maybe I should just write the whole idea so that someone or any writers that was out of muse and don't have any idea what to write could steal my idea if he stumbled upon my blog by any chance. Yeah I'm giving away my intellectual properties or generally known as my idea to the public.

Okay cut the crap.

So, hello script writers and movie producers and directors or crews or whoever you are. I've always longed a romantic comedy tales produced by local production. You know, something sweet like The Proposal, Maid in Manhattan, you know that kinda thing.

Jangan lah asyik cerita leleh leleh kisah perempuan bunuh sesama sendiri sebab berebut boyfriend. Ain't cool yo!!

Soooooooo, you know the policy Petronas has applied to their scholars? YEAHHH that one!


Cuba buat epic love story about two lovers who accidentally fall in love but are bound with the agreement and need to do something about that. That they have to fight for their love (ahahaha!) and they are planning to hide about the marriage.

And the ending ermmm... let's make it like uh.. modern version of Romeo and Juliet?

I've already imagined who's gonna be acting in this very film of mine, I want the main actress acted by Nasha Aziz and and and the lead actor is by Rashidi Ishak!

And of course, the director is Khabir Bhatia. It's a must! Baru film ni menarik. YEAHHH!!

Oh oh oh I can't wait for someone to stumble upon this idea and make a movie about this. Please please please.

Okay, I know it won't happen anyway. But if it is, well it's a good thing you know!! HAHA. And oh well, macam la aku sorang je ada idea ni kan? But what the hell go make movies people!

oh in case this post is sensitive by any means, please jangan saman! I am broke. Sumpah saya miskin. And please don't hold my scholars. I love you Petronas. Don't worry I won't break the agreement. I would find a lawyer or a doctor, or a musician, or a politician. No, no, no engineer, or IT programmer (Oke, ni tak boleh janji muahaha!). Pinky promise? And this is absolutely my opinion. (Sumpah defensive gila haha yeah I'm a pussy baru tau ke? defensive lagi -.-")

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