Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm writing this and all I heard is "DROGBA!!!!" as my brother was watching Chelsea TV : Drogba's 100 goals. Believe me it is PLAIN ANNOYING.

Make a montage of the pengulas sukan screaming "DROGBAA!!!!" as he's scoring goal at each match and you just successfully make me cramp my stomach for laughing. It is FUNNY yet ANNOYINGG!

Well, it's not Drogba that I wanna write here. I only know him when Farah told me about him during our gossip session, yes, that Drogba, the Chelsea player. Yes, my friend and I did gossips on football player too you guys. And no, I am not a big fan of football macth but I am LIVERPOOL supporter! Juat so you know. -.-" (But I know nothing about the players and all I just support them blindly since my favourite man player, Diouf played there before and I just like them. NGEHEHE)

Okay, back to the topic, you know I always have a 'thing' with these three urm... shall I say, things? They are ;

1. Drummer.

Let it be a man or a girl, I would totally drool over them. Drummer for me is the sexiest member in a band. Sure you know especially bila diorang main bersungguh-sungguh gila like macam nak headbang tapi tak headbang sampai berpeluh-peluh and yeahhhhh sangat sexxyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Kalau tengok overseas band buat performance, the drummer usually went topless. NGEHNGEHNGEH so much to see.

And yeahh I would love to learn on how to play drum yo. Anybody willing to give me free drum lesson sampai pandai? :P

2. Nicotine lips.

I like the guy with the dark lips due to their heavy smoking habits. Seriously it is indeed VERY SEXY. But it depends. Not all guys with that lips are sexy. Certain just look as disgusting and somehow looking pervert (for my eyes) but some are just sexy. Yeah, sexy.

3. Tall and dark.

I prefer chocolate over vanilla. If you get what I mean. Tall, dark, and handsome, that was what all girls are drooling for, I am not an exception. But, handsome, it is only for my eyes. I have a hella different definition of handsome that I shall explain later. And they should not only tall and dark but also have the figure of you know wide, tak kurus kering tapi tak gemuk jugak. HAHA totally my cup of tea!

But now, I have build a new interest that shall been added to my aforementioned ehemm fetish list. HEHE. It is THE BONE STRUCTURE! Yeahh baby! the bone structure, the jawline, the cheekbone, all that make me drool and drool and drool babyyyy! OH! See those picture!!!

This is Gustaf Noren, the vocalist and the guitarist for Mando Diao.

This is Bjorn Dixgard, the vocalist and the guitarist of Mando Diao.

See that bone he had, see that bone he had, see that bone he had OHMYGOD AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!

The jawline is ... AWESOME and sooo MANLY.

Brandon Lee.

Upon watching Rapid Fire, I saw this man and yeah all I see his bone structure, the jawline he has.

Unfortunately, he's dead. But anyhow, his bone could still make me drool non stop.

Well, I guess too much ANTM has somehow alarmed me about the sexiness the jawline and bone structure have to offer. YEAHH!

And my plan for healthy lifestyle, I see sunshine! ;)

p/s : I guess I should went anonymous after this. Somehow my blog has turn blue a little bit and it's kinda descending don't you think? HAHA.



Nasz aka Spiderman said...

awg pandai kot men drum....mnta dia ajar...

i thought u support liverpool boz of torres...

hate chelsea....booo....

miss eLyA =) said...

ah the drummer. drools~~ duh taste aku leh hang lah ngan kau. hehe. tall dark and handsome. yum yum. and yes aku pun suke drummer sebab dorang suke topless and we also suke topless men. hehe

mireya said...

naz :
awang reti maen drum? ceh taktau pun. nape farah xpenah cite? hoho
diouf introduced me to liverpool. yeahh liverpool! hehe :P
boo MAN U! :P

Elya :
Ahah! you're soooo right! ;P

FarA said...

nicotine lips. wow. something new in a list of what-i-want-in-a-sexy-guy-pretty-please! lol

tall and bone structure, thumbs up yaw!

mireya said...

Haha yeahh! new list added to ya. those dark nicotine lips seriously are sexy! ngehehe ;)

and yeahh thumbs up to tall and the bone structure, yeahhh!!!