Sunday, November 29, 2009

Akhirnya saya mendapat seru untuk menjalani GAYA HIDUP SIHAT (wth?)

Okay, now I seriously means VERY SERIOUS, need to do something bout my UNHEALTHY lifestyle.

Yeah, this is all due to the fact that I have not been doing my number two for quite a very loooonnnngggggg time. Like, HELLOO? I've been home for a week now and I only have done my number two for two times? No shit but yes I seriously have problem and damn son I need treatment.

Yeah, treatment.

I need to treat myself. This problem has to end. I need to do my number two daily like I used to back in UTP cause you know all those fats and stuffs inside my body wouldn't come out and thus it is all makes me look like I'm gonna blow myself up.


Plus, I have bought these seven gorgeous pairs of shirts and if I wanna look good in them, I have at least lost three kilos. Yeah you read me, at least THREE FRIGGING KILOS yaw!!!!

Oh yes, seven pairs because you know I cant resist the temptation so I bought variety colours of them. Eh WAIT! We're not discussing about my shopping habits, we're discussing about my bowel movement problem and about my weight!

Oh Lord, seriously I've gain soo much weight for the sake of living in this heavenly home for just about a week. Imagine for the next two months? DAMN SON I'm gonna be as fat as the old me. NOOO WAAAYYYYY I'm gonna let it happen!!!

Plus my face. Yeah, my skin and my face. They really look unhealthy and you know that's not good. I am hardly twenty and already have those problems? With all the shitty acnes and whatnots I seriously need my beauty eight hours sleep.

I got the eight hours sleep of course cause I'm in my house durh who doesn't get enough sleep in their own house yo dude? But the problem is I've got TOO MUCH SLEEP.

Yeah, I woke up at almost 3 pm everybody. Yeah baby roll your eyes and gasp as you want and say, "Ohmygod you bitch! What kind of anak dara sleep until 3 pm in the noon?". Yeah, I'm used to that kind of reaction. No worries.

To all guys and potential future in laws, I'm not a lazy bear yo. I did my routine and stuffs it just I'm not a morning person that's why I sleep at early morning and wake up at noon. So, it's acceptable riiigggghhhhttttt????

Plus, I am absolutely available to do that. No one would scold me even my parents. They're not at home yo. They're home only during weekends and during weekends, I automatically be a morning person. So, don't blame my parents for my habits, it's in me yo.

So, here I've listed things to do for my lifetsyle ehemmm healthy lifestyle ;

1. Sleep early. If there's no good show on TV, I shall sleep early. The latest I should sleep is at 2 AM in the morning and the earliest, well it depends.

So no facebooking till late night, no more gossips sharing session at 3 am in gtalk and ym and no more blogwalking and downloading songs and stalking. -.-"

2. And sleep early means I have to wake up early. So, I might wake up at 6 am and do my morning prayer and get my lazy ass to sleep back and wake up at 8 am. And do any activities.

I'm sure as hell that I'm so gonna get bored to death since in the morning there are not many entertaining TV shows. Oh yes, I could do house chores. Yeah baby, my house gonna be as clean as hell! Yeahh!

3. I should now begin doing exercise. You know, skipping and yoga (HAHA!) simple exercise. And yeah, I think I need to buy those weight at Jusco you know the weight as in we use in weight-lifting thingy but not as big as that just the small size is enough.

You know, my arm is soo big as it is as big as a four year old thigh! I KID YOU NOT!

4. I should learn how to cook. Yeah, I should google more recipe after this. YEAAHHH!

Okay, this no 4 is not a healthy lifestyle though but it helps me for being an ideal anak dara. MUAHAHA!

5. Dieting. I have to diet as in fasting and have some self-control in taking foods. I should imagine and calculating the calorie intake like I used to do before. Yeah baby, I do the math before taking my food. Believe me.

Lately I always feel hungry and the food intake is like, waayyyy melampau!! Makan macam tak hengat dunia!

So people, please wish me good luck and all the best for myself so that my plan of having a healthy lifestyle would happen, IN REALITY not in dreams ONLY.

Thanks for all your support. I love you guys lots. Hugs and kisses to you guys. XOXO babes!



miss eLyA =) said...

alah dah tak boleh have late night gossips lagi dah ke?? *sob sob.

kau kan my first advisor!!

takpe lah kau nk HEALTHY kan.. hehehe.. good luck babe!!!

jom kite same same melaksanakan diet and senaman ringkas! KAH KAH KAH

mireya said...

haha. kau ada nombor aku kan? text je sudeyyy. HEHE.

YEAH BEBEHH jom diet and senaman ringkas! biar hidup sehatt :P

Tam said...

yeah!hidup sihat! :P
don worry la cik belle,confirm boleh buat punye!

asyraf iskandar said...

good luck belle! post ni klaka tapi best.haha

mireya said...

tam dan acap :
HEHE terima kasih atas sokongan anda berdua! ;)