Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's purple because she loves purple.

"Sheda, next year kita dah dua puluh tahun."
"Tak. Hang sorang ja, aku sembilan belas lagi. KIKIKIKI""

Fine babe, fine! HAHAHA.

I love you lots Sheda. And congratulation for your great results!
Sorry I cant be there to celebrate. Tunggulah aku ada kereta aku pergi Baling angkut hang jalan-jalan. (Durh as if :P)

Anyways, have a blast holidays and a blast BIRTHDAY!

and God bless.

Muah muah muah!

Sorry for the late post. I've been busy doing nothing you know.
Oh, and one more I am sure as hell that you wanna yell and scream at me for the picture, but seriously this is the picture I love the most.
It has the facebook-ish look you know.


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