Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something to hold on to,

I am having a writer's block.

I'm losing grip and writing don't entertain me that much anymore. So, I want to have some rest and go finding some peace. And at the meantime, I would absolutely still go on with my stalking and reading your blog. And might drop some comments too, which the thing that I've done the least.

So, enjoy your holidays people! :)

Oh, on the other notes, I feel very depressed thinking that my long-lost-potential-boyfriend that I have always dream and longing to (okay DRAMA!) might somewhat have deceased.

Yeah, deceased. Dah mati, Yilek. Long gone. Meninggal dunia. Innalillah.

But I hope it's only illusions. You know what, there's no record of him at all. How did I know? Kata stalker. But seriously, no nothing.

I'm so depressed. Where the hell are you? I hope we might run into each other and have a decent conversations and you know, have a coffee or something because I miss your jokes so much!

And all I have is his dad phone number. And NO, I won't contact his dad asking about his son that could possibly been dead for years. Perhaps, he's dead. That's my thought only.

I am so depressed thinking that he died before we even met and sees what we've become after those years.

I hope he's not dead yet. I hope he still alive and breathing and enjoying his time with his family and his love ones. And maybe I couldn't get track of him because somehow his details are not included on the net. And maybe he's not interested in facebook and myspace or even bother to have a friendster account not to forget writing a blog.

Let us pray for his well-being.

Oh my God, I'm so depressed.