Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a fan, but this worth it.

Pattinson and other actors in this movie makes me laugh so hard I wanted to pee.

This is a great movie even it has a tendency to make you doze off in the middle, but if you stay focus and try to understand, you'd be able to enjoy it.

This is a movie that has story to tell.

Oh, oh, Pattinson was not all jambu and heroic at all. So vulnerable, and so real. Awwhh~

And tell you what, being a musician never is that easy, especially when you don't have the talent, just a passion for it.

Musicians, you guys rock!

Spread the love, buddies.

p/s : Mimi Yana, I don't recommend you to watch this movie.


asyraf iskandar said...

mimi jugak yg kene.haha

mimiyana said...

asl lak?! ak bru je nk mntk ng ko blk utp t. huhu

mireya said...

acap : mimi kan my pet, mesti la sentiasa kena. HAHA

mimi yana : nanti kau tidur la dol.

mimiyana said...

alah. x kire! ak nk gak sbb robert pattinson blakon. haha

mireya said...

cehh yelaaa tapi jgn komplen aarr kalau tak best. HAHA