Thursday, April 22, 2010

ARGHHH ! I'm So Scared I Could Cry When I'm Eating.

I am scared shitless that I couldnt get my mind to think straight sebab I just calculated the days and I only have three weeks before final exam and this Monday I have a test which I dont have any idea apa benda yang aku belajar dalam kelas tuuuu and this Wednesday pun ada jugak test yang shitful scaryyyyyyyyy !!


And Vector Calculus test marks is out and demmm I dont wanna know my marks I bet it's gonna be low as low as I dont know but I'm sure it would be super duper low. I'm scared !!!!!!

Oh, I dont know this semester is sooo scary, I mean academically it's like I dont even know a thing pun dalam kelas macam tak ada idea what the hell the lecturers are talking in front. Before the mid sem break macam bole go laaa but after that like totally lost damnnnn laaaaa !!!


And my mom already bagi warning she said if my pointer shitload teruk nak mampos she's gonna tarik balik my car and I was like WOOARRGHH NOO ! Baru je nak jadi a good driver. Oh yeah, I have a car now after months and years of begging and buat muka kesian and sedih and macam mintak lempang whatsoever then baru I dapat a car. My car yang paling gedik yang ada tampal sticker 'CUTE AND MACHO BOYFRIEND INSIDE' tuuuu gehee. Bet my boyfriend would be proud as fuck, kan ?

Okey back to my problem, I dont know what Im studying for this semester. Thats why I am so scaredddd !! This is all due to my lazy ass to go to classes and the tutorials, yeah my bad my super duper bad for not going and my plagiarism in doing assignments oh man I wanna die right now damn laaa nape ni wehhhh ?????

Cukup tak nak study dalam masa tiga minggu ???? I am scared like serious hell, takut sangat ! Mannnnnnnnnn seramnya nak nangis !

So yeah, I think I wanna deactivate my facebook lah sebab even I dun update much and spend much time there but still stalking people is a shitloads of fun sebab tu laa banyak buang masaa from studying to stalking kann.

And and I just found a blog yang sangat best and cute and seronok dibaca and have a damn good super duper taste in music, I LIKE ! But sadly, I have to stop reading it for a while hope dia tak private or delete the blog sooner cause mesti aku akan meroyan sebab tak dapat nak carik and listen to the suggested bands and singers and songs. SOB !

Blogging, urm well I dont blog much now ey ? I dont have much idea la but I would update occasionally laaa even I know you wont bother (ayat pathetic sedih sial aku) but still.


I want to write motivational words on my wall I have to study and score my final mannn I am afraid.

Okay I have to stop right now.

On the other notes, my selipar putus and I cant wear anything now I am so sad my life is miserable now I think I am the most pathetic girl in the world and now I found my self in a big trouble argh I am so stress right now I swear I could cry and do nothing. Grrr.

Okay I really need to stop right now. I want to study, and write motivational words and yeah bye people.


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