Monday, July 12, 2010

Innocence, Innocence, Where Have You Been ?

I really don't get the world nowadays. I've been wondering like, why almost everything has got to do with sex ?

I mean sex as literally sex people fucking each other durh you get what I mean.

Sampai kadang kadang muak okay nak tengok sitkom or any TV shows kat TV. Semuanya sex, like kalau takde sex tu people could die and go crazy or psycho. Like sex is somewhat oxygen or something. The thing that you couldn't live without.

Macam cerita Cougar Town tu, cerita perempuan yang boleh dikatakan tua and almost nak menopause pun tapi still nak cari someone konon to fill the emptiness but we all know that the only place yang empty in her is her V-hole. What the fuck man ? Macam sex maniac pun ada. Scary dohf.

Okay maybe, maybe laa that people would say, "Alaaa you bukan tahu apa apa, you tak tahu sex tu like the most wonderful thing in world that God ever created for human being," Okay I totally get it that I don't know how it feels kan but come on, life is so much more than that.

Agaknya budak budak sekarang kemaruk seks tu la pasal lahir banyak anak luar nikah then gelabah pergi buang macam buang bangkai. Haish Nauzubillah.

And the songs, blerghhh songs pun rosak jugak what the hell ? Almost semua lagu tercemar dengan double meaning, like examples :

"...your G-string down south, " ni by Pitbull memang juara laa bab lagu lucah ni menyampah aku nak dengar.
".. late night sex so wet, it's so tight.." ni lagu Anya Marina kot, Whatever You Like.
"Got one eighty degrees And I'm caught in between.." ni lagu Britney yang famous tuu.

SEE !! ni pun examples bodoh bodoh je banyak lagi kalau nak ikutkan lagu lagu ni. And yeah it's not new actually but lately macam makin melampau sampai semua lagu pun nak promote sex is fun sex is this sex is that, ergh.

And don't get me started with the video clips. Lagi mengarut. Macam Lady Gaga in Alejandro. What the fuck man ? Ada sex position kot dalam tuuu ! Gahhh ! Gila mengarut sial what the hell like takde kaitan langsung dengan lagu what are you trying to show dudeeeee ?

I missed the time where everything was very clean. Sob.

Then sekarang ni homosexuality pulak in promotion. Starting with Katy Perry with the song 'I Kissed A Girl' tuu then terus sekarang makin banyak pulak yang nak express homosexuality in their songs. And the video klips and dalam movies and drama.

Desperate Housewives pun sekarang dah ada pasal lesbo. Memang lah dulu dorang tunjuk gay je nasib baek Bob and Lee was cute, so I boleh tolerate but now I really tak boleh tengok cerita tu with my parents because there are too many half naked woman dalam tu and I pun tahu malu okeyy.

Like dah tak clean macam dulu and me hate this. Bah !

And know what, being a lesbo is a fucking trend now! What the hell man ?

Okay I admit, back in 2008/2009 I once admitted that I was sexually confused, until now pun confused lagi and I don't think I really like men but what the fuck I know what is wrong and what's not and I totally gets it what my religion is teaching so yeah no to homosexuality.

Plus, I never prove that I like girls because to prove it I have to langgar certain rules in my religion and naaahhh really not worth it buat tambah dosa aku je nauzubillahhh.

Okay memang this topics actually dah lama but don't you see lately it's like melimpah ruah everywhere ? Like everything is linking back to sex and homosexuality.

OhmyGod I really need something clean. Kadang kadang kalau tengok movies yang takde sexual encounter pun I really thankful lah cause susah because you know, sex is so important kan.

And since the holidays, I dah lama tak dengar radio, I just download songs yang the musician tu I never heard of pun, konon konon indie la kan haha but tell you what lagu dorang at least bersih lagi. I dengar lyrics okay then comes the melody. So to enjoy the songs, mesti la I kena enjoy the lyrics dulu, right ? Macam mana nak enjoy lagu lagu kat radio kalau sikit-sikit ada bunyi uh-ah sana sini rasa macam listening to porn or listening to someone's reading a porn stories out loud. With music. Brrr.

Okay I know I bukan baik sangat sampai tak tengok or tak ambil tahu langsung pasal this whole stuffs kan kalau tak mana I tahu lagu Alejandro ada tunjuk sex positions kan ? Like how the hell I know IT IS FUCKING SEX POSITIONS and HOW DO I GET THE SONGS KAANNN ? But come on, it's just too much don't you think ?

I seriously don't get the world nowadays. Or am I being too innocent here ? Can't I just enjoy the subliminal message in the songs ? Couldn't I just enjoy the music videos that showed sex positions ? Or just watch the movies because it was somewhat free legal porn that everybody could watch it without rasa bersalah sebab it is called just movies without the word 'porn' in front of it ?

Gahh I don't know man, I really don't know.



Rosma said...

heh..look..the original singer to that "whatever you like" song is T.I. and anya marina is just singing it back again. so give the credits to T.I. ok?

(ceh back up anya marina pulak kan?)

mireya said...

Haha i knoww !! tadi time searching the lyrics tu baru i tau tapi malas la nak edit balik. both the same je. haha