Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upside Down.

I was reading a friend status, dedicated to his mother perhaps, and it really touched my heart. The status is about how ungrateful we are for letting our parents down by not doing well in studies while they're trying their best to give us what we need.

He talked about how performed he was before compared to what he is now.

And this makes me wonder, why while we were so young, so happy, and so bright, we could performed and get good grades, be the best student, teacher's pet, getting so many awards as top scorer but when we first step our feet into campus world, all those achievements only left as shadows of the past.

Why ?

I don't know. I am in exactly the same situation as he is now. And I know a few people who experienced the same.

I still couldn't get it. We're like turning totally 180 degrees. Rolling downhill. It's sad how we could be so bright but now, only God knows what happened to us. Sometimes me myself couldnt get the answer. I couldn't spot anything that goes wrong anywhere.

Maybe I was too confident that I could score in my uni life, maybe I was having culture shock, maybe I don't take uni life seriously, maybe I have given all out during my SPM that I don't have anything to give anymore, maybe my wheel went up for so long and this time is the time for me to experience being so low, maybe engineering is not for me, maybe I'm not hardworking enough, maybe I dont adapt to the right way of studying, maybe I have a lot of distractions, maybe this is the way of God repaying me for being such an ungrateful slave, maybe I'm just not good enough, maybe this is not my time ...

And the list goes on.

All I could say, maybe we should sit back and take a look into our life, about what actually went wrong, and correct it before it's too late. Oh, I forgot, nothing is too late. But just correct it. Correct the mistake, nothing is too late. Be grateful that we finally realized that we're wrong rather than keep being drifted away with our mistakes. Always take a look into ourselves so we can find something, something that could make us change to the better version of ourselves.

I always believe in second chances. Grab this opportunity, study, get good grades, make sure your intention is right. Find why you're here, and what you should be doing, your priorities, and insyAllah, everything will fall into the right places. Don' forget to pray and ask for His guidance as we're only His servant, and remember, Allah is Almighty.

Don't give up, we're all in the same boat, and I know, you and I, and all of us are trying the hardest. InsyAllah, everything will be alright in the end.



faizfaizah said...

jom study rajin2 untuk final ni!!! :)

mireya said...

jejum ! ;D