Sunday, September 11, 2011

11. Your Family.

Urm, I am the kind of person who don't share my feelings with people, so let's the pictures do all the talking, ok?

So this is us, 

Aku, adik aku, and my parents.

And this is 2010's Eid. This year tak ada pictures of us, TAK SEMPAT nak ambil gambar pun. Oh, by the way ni dekat rumah my nenek in Banting.

And here's the anak bulu we love. CATS!

NEMO. The only cat I've known which don't give a fuck about everything and anything. SERIOUSLY.

But she's soo cute.

Aww sleeping like a baby. :')

Okay, macam salah post pulak. Plus I feel like perempuan tua yang hidup dengan kucing-kucing dia sebab dia dah tua and dia loner.

Okay stop. By the way, ini lah my family, yang kecik and loved.

Ok bai.

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