Sunday, September 4, 2011

4. Bullet Your Whole Day. (Update bajet retis)

This one's gonna be a short one since lately I live a boring lifestyle due to my upcoming final exam this 8-14th September.

Ya aku tau aku gigih sangat nak buat benda alah ni walaupun final. Bukan nak concentrate kann? Well what to do, I'm celebrating September!

So, what I've done today,

  • Waking up
  • Study
  • Makan Lunch
  • Meleweh metar di internet
  • Study some more
  • Makan and meleweh some more
  • Study balik
  • Meleweh balik
  • Tidur

Okay routine yang bosan but that's my life as a student y'alls. Okay, toodles, love!

Sumpah aku rasa #bajetretis sangat. AHAKS!


Kuri Kuri said...

First of all sorry to make you think that I'm stalking your blog.

But the fact is YES, I do stalk your post. hehe

Just to mention that. I miss that bullet of your whole dayy! and I miss all those..

Hope cepat lah masa berlalu. Btw, happy holidays ;)

mireya said...

Aww don't be sorry dearie, I'm flattered! Ada jugak orang nak stalk blog ni. Hihi.

Tak pe, few months more and you're gonna be back being a student again! Thanks babe, happy working! ;D