Monday, February 20, 2012


Orang cakap, kalau nak sesuatu hubungan tu berhasil, kita kena sentiasa ada two way communication, atau just  communicate. Because communication clears everything.

Kalau bergaduh, kita kena bercakap untuk settle semula. Kalau kita happy, we talk because we want to share the joy with others. Kalau kita sedih, kita bercerita dengan Tuhan, dengan keluarga, dengan kawan-kawan.

Kalau hubungan tu tak ada communication, selalunya hubungan tu akan rosak, akan fail, akan tidak berjaya.

And now, I wonder, do we communicate? Do we tell each other everything? Do we talk about the important stuffs, about us, about silly things, just because we could, and we want to? Do we miss each other when we are not talking, when we are far away, when we haven't heard about each other for a day or two, for an hour or so? Are we keen to tell each others stories that happened to us the other day,or just happened in the last two minutes, or do we text just to share the jokes we just heard, just to share the laughs? Do we ask each other about the day we've been through, about the annoying groupmates who refused to give cooperation, about the assignments that seems too much to handle? Do we know where each other's going, with who they are now, and what are they doing? Are we being transparent or are we translucent? Do we talk about our problems, or do we just let it pass? Hoping that somehow we would forget it, and wishing that it won't affect us in the future? Do we have enough communication? Do we actually communicate?

Or, are we communicating, but in our own way, in a way that does not understandable by others and somehow a little be confusing to me now?

Or actually we failed to communicate?

I don't know.

I'm starting to have a lot of questions here.

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