Saturday, February 25, 2012

Of Miri, and Oil and Gas Industry.

Waktu aku masih di tahun pertama dan kedua, aku sangatlah confident yang aku mahu ambil major Manufacturing ketika di tahun akhir dan aku mahu intern di kilang-kilang.

Precisely, aku nak intern di L'oreal. Sebab apa? Sebab saja.

Tapi, bila dah masuk 2012, dah masuk tahun aku sepatutnya kelam kabut carik intern, aku dah tak rasa nak ambil manufacturing, I start questioning myself what major should I take, what company should I go for my internships?

Dulu dilema aku cuma nak intern di Penang atau KL? Kalau dapat Penang, I won't have problem with accommodation since I have relatives yang baik hati siap offer duduk dengan mereka lagi. If I were to get my internship in KL, it would be so much fun, and so much food and restaurants to try and I get to be close to my girlfriends and family.

But now, I've started to love the idea of doing my internship in oil and gas industry, I really really want to go to Miri and undergo my internship there.

I know, Miri sounds so far away, in the other land across the sea, and I might not be able to celebrate Eid with my family this year if I were to undergo my internship there. However, even the idea of not going back for raya this year might scare some people, truth to be told, it excites me. I don't mind it, at all. Even the idea of it alone thrilled me.

But, I can't see any opportunities or even chances of me to go there. Plus, with my results, naaahhh...dream on, Mira. I think I should just stick to manufacturing instead of Petroleum.


I don't know what to do now. If I don't get any call from oil and gas companies by March, I'd go for manufacturing - if they still taking interns lah.

Ok the thought of it scares the hell out of me.


Nasz said...

relax la..nk dpt tmpt intern bile dh dkt nk deadline lg jgn la lmbt sgt..sbb some company nk intern keje trus bile dpt offer..kt miri beach..haha..

mireya said...

itu la paseiii tapi risau jugak. ahhah maybe i worry too much kot kan?

DauS said...

Apply je Miriiiiiii! Hehe

mireya said...

daaahhh apply! haha semua o&g company yg ada branch kat miri semua aku apply. hope dapat. hehe

Anonymous said...

Btw,dpt x? Thxx kalo sudi rply, coz im applying for it now :)

Mireya said...

Dapat, but then I have accepted another offer in Kerteh. Good luck in your applications, anyway :)