Sunday, May 6, 2012


One of my biggest fear is to wake up knowing I had missed an exam. I think I could totally die due to heart attack I never know I had.

So, as some people know, currently it's my study week. And compared to my friends, I am one of the luckiest person on earth to have only two paper to sit for, and not to mention 10 days of gap starting with the first day of study week until my first paper. And to add it up, to tell you people out there how lucky I am is that my class finished a week before my study week started. So all together, I have approximately 15 days to study for my two papers. And so far I have studied almost 80% of my Heat Transfer as it would be my first paper, and 40% of my Vibration paper.

Oh yes, I am the luckiest person on Earth.

Yeah, I thought so until last night.

I was having a mini panic attack without reason. I feel my heart beating fast and it's like I am worried about something I don't even know. So, as I was procrastinating around, I decided to look at my timetable to make sure where my venue of exams will be.

First sign of doom : I can't open my individual timetable.

Okay, I tell myself. Let's just look at the master timetable shall we? So I scrolled down until I found the date of my first paper.

8th May 2012, 9am - 12 pm- VIBRATION

And I was like, WHAT?! Look back at my second paragraph. I thought Heat Transfer was my first paper! And now I just know that all these while, I've been wrong!

Oh God, I never know what it would be like to walk into the exam hall knowing I've studied and bringing the knowledge of the wrong subject. And thank God I don't have to know the feeling of answering FINAL EXAM with only 40% of revision.

Oh, just imagining the consequences could make me lose my breath. Oh God.

And I thought I was afraid of missing the exam. This is a realization. Anything regarding the final exam is fearful!

Well, however I still considered myself lucky. At least I knew I was wrong before it's too late. Yeah, it's late, but not too late. I should still be thankful to God for the realizations.

So, yeah I have to cram everything Vibration related into my tiny little brain in two days. I hope I can make it. And I hope I'd ace my Heat Transfer since I've been studying it diligently for these past few days.

Anyhow, good luck guys and girls, friends and foes, for this final exam. May the force be with you!


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