Friday, May 18, 2012

Bimbo Rage

Well, I just finished watching Something Borrowed, which I don't understand how it got its title. It's like, nothing gets borrowed pun?


But the thing is, I hate the movie. I hate the storyline, I hate the characters, and I hate the cliche. Why, why, and why Darcy didn't get the guy, and why Darcy didn't get the friendship either?

Is it because someone like Darcy (Kate Hudson), a someone you would call a bitch doesn't deserve to have friend, at all? Just because she's bold and speaks and laughs like nobody's business?

I don't get it really. And I don't understand why I am so deranged about this silly movie full of cliche, probably because it's Kate Hudson. Yeah, perhaps. You know, I've always have a thing with Kate Hudson. Just like the movie, Bride Wars which I happened to watch on movie night with my girlfriends which happened to be one of the nights of our silly fights where I hate what everybody loves.

Just like in Bride Wars, I was on Liv's side (Kate Hudson's) because I think it's perfectly okay for her to have her wedding the way she wants and Emma (Anne Hathaway, the character my friends lovedddd) is only a nuisance.

My friends say that Liv always be the bitch friend to Emma and Emma deserve a perfect wedding too! Oh by the way, Bride Wars is about two best friend fighting to be wed on the same date, and at the same place. That's all. Bimbo. Anywaaayyyyy, my friends said that Liv has always be the bitch friend to Emma and that's why Emma deserve the venue more than Liv.

And guess what? Emma's wedding is called off but Liv didn't. But Liv didn't get her proper bachelorette's party, and her wedding is almost a disaster. And it's unfair!! Emma's wedding is called off at the last minutes but Liv's wedding is ruined too!

I don't know why, but I am so 'emo' about this, since the first time I watched this movie which is like four years ago?

And then came this stupid movie called 'Something Borrowed'. Oh come on, two best friends, one's a bitch, and one's the girl next door, the sweetheart, the someone everybody loves and the sweetest friend is allowed to get the man just because she's sweet?


And what makes me deranged above all, is that Darcy loses the friendship too. They've been friend for like, years, since they were kids, and she loses the friendship just because she's being human. Yes, she's kind of a bitch, the outspoken one, the annoying one, but that does not allow her to lose everything. Why? Does being a bitch means you can't be happy? She chases everything that she wants, does that make her a bitch?

Oh, well, maybe I'm just sad. Yes, this is fiction, it's an adaptation from a novel some more. Of course it's dramatic. Of course the good will always win. Of course the antagonist would get the worst of everything, yes of course. But, I still feel affected. Darcy and Liv aren't bad characters. They're just human. They're just outspoken and came out strong, and probably somehow, wrong. But that doesn't make them bad, they deserve happiness too. Just like those protagonists, the good ones.

Sorry I got carried away. I don't know what I'm trying to prove here. Most people would say, these movies are stupid, and yes, bad things will always happen to bad people, to people who don't treat others well.

Or maybe I think Darcy and Liv as myself. Or maybe, I am them, the characters after all. And these frighten me to think that probably a happy ending is impossible for me.


Anyhow, I'm still glad that my sweetheart friends still never get tired of me (so far). Well, hopefully they won't! (Amin to that!)

Oh, okay I've read this post again and again and again and for another couple of times before posting it, and I don't know what the hell I was thinking writing this post and being emotional and all. But blergh, on this ungodly hours everybody can go a bit crazy, I guess? Hah, I would still be posting this just because.

Well, just because I haven't posted anything since last month. Hah, there you go!


faizunnisaqsulman said...

i guess both if us hav da same way of thinking. hahaha. yeay us!

mireya said...

yesss! ada geng! sep skek! :P